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Dear colleagues,

Finally, welcome spring! We hope you’ll be able to enjoy it to the maximum.

These last few weeks we have all reached new limits both in terms of business achievements and the different events TBI Bank was participating in.

It’s an important milestone for our colleagues from Retail in Bulgaria – in 2018 we’ve achieved the number one spot in POS-lending both online and offline. Adding to this our leading position in POS-online in Romania means that the teams in both countries have a lot to be proud of.

And we want more and more people to know about our great achievements. In March we participated in two significant event – in Sofia and Prague – and stole the show at both of them. You can read the details below.

Speaking of stealing the show, guess who was once again number 1 in the traditional Banking ski competition in Borovets. Yes, it was our Zheni, again.

Enjoy the read!


Internal & Corporate Communications


TBI Bank rocks the house at the Sofia FinTech Summit

How do we at TBI Bank contribute to developing a strong FinTech society? We share our know-how and ideas, we are transparent about our plans, basically, we try to lead by example. Telling our digital transformation story is part of that strategy.

This month we participated at the FinTech Summit in Sofia and made a strong case of our transition from an offline lender to a customer-focused digital company. At the Summit Petr Baron, TBIF’s CEO showcased TBI Bank’s strategic vision with a presentation called “Between the GAFAs, the disrupters, and the traditional banks: TBI Bank’s story”. Its video intro literally rocked the house and an audience of more than 600 fintech and business professionals, media and many others.

“Our position in the current customer-focused world of finance – traditional banks, challengers, fintechs and GAFAs – is quite unique”, Petr said during the event. “We are very focused, agile enough to adapt quickly, plus we have a strong customer base and profitable business. We are halfway through our transformation journey and eventually, we will build a digital ecosystem of the financial services our customers need”.

Starting from a position of a traditional offline lender only two years ago, TBI Bank’s transformation story left quite the impact at the FinTech Summit in Sofia.

“So powerful presentation! Great to finally have a challenger bank mindset in Bulgaria”, one of our FinTech partners after the event.

“It’s really refreshing to see a bank that has a completely different approach to customers!” – another participant wrote.

Glad we touched the hearts and minds of the FinTech society 😉


TBI Bank number one in POS lending in Bulgaria in 2018

At TBI Bank, we put customers, both consumers, and our retail partners, at the center of our actions. We provide them with products and services that ease their financial lives – or add value to their business – and the results are often exceptional.

Recently we received information from our partners that TBI Bank is the leader in point-of-sale (POS) lending, both in-store and online, in the three largest chains for appliances in Bulgaria: Zora, Technomarket, and Technopolis. According to the combined data provided by these chains, TBI Bank’s market share at the stores reached 35% in 2018.

We have already been the main choice for customers who prefer buying appliances online in these three stores in 2017. Additionally, in 2018 we marked another leading position – in in-store purchasing. On average, in 2018 the overall POS lending market grew by 7%, while TBI Bank increased the volumes by 24% compared to 2017.


4finance Holding S.A. reports results for 2018

4finance has published consolidated unaudited results for the year 2018. The company reported profit before tax of €39.0 million for the period with TBI Bank contributing strongly to this result.

4finance’s online loan issuance volume reached €1.21 billion, compared with €1.28 billion in 2017, while overall loan issuance volume during the Period grew by 14% year-on-year to €281.7 million from €246.9 million in 2017.

Oyvind Oanes, CEO of 4finance, commented:

“Our business model addresses customer needs and because of this we showcase continued growth. This means developing our traditional single payment loan products into installment loans and lines of credit in some markets and continuing to advocate for appropriate and evidence-based regulation of subprime consumer lending.”

You can find the published results for the nine months ending 31 December 2018 here.


TBI Bank again #1 on the slopes

In our December edition, we’ve invited 4 participants to represent TBI Bank in the 2019 Banking ski competition. The interest in this event was huge! 120 participants from 16 companies! And who’s the winner?

Our team proved once again we can rock! Our very own Evgenia Dimitrova-Gontcheva from the Operations departments won both disciplines in her age group – parallel and giants slalom in skiing for the second year in a row. Way to go, Zheni!

But, even though ski is an individual sport, we were represented by a whole team. The other colleagues performed great as well. Sirin Dobreva from the Finance department ranked fourth in the parallel slalom. Best performed man in the team was our SVP Lukas Tursa who ranked seventh out of fifteen participants in his discipline. Dobrin Dobrev also represented us in a notable way.

Not that we received medals for that, but TBI Bank won the informal competition for best-dressed team (with our shiny new logo on it); and the loudest and most enthusiastic team award. And in recognition of Evgenia’s achievements last year, they received an entire penthouse floor on the top of the hosting Rila hotel to assure an even better preparation for the competition.

Good job, guys – keep on training for next year’s fest, sounds like such fun, expect an even bigger team then! And, dear colleagues – if you are interested, start applying now – snowboard enthusiasts are welcome as well.


TBI Bank nominated for Significant Corporate IT Project

It’s been a long time since we haven’t received any awards 😉 As we were sobering up from the “IT Project of the Year” award, we heard that the Bulgarian Association of Information Technologies (BAIT) has reserved a spot for us in the top 3 companies in the “Significant Corporate IT Project” category among 16 other applicants.

More than 120 applications were submitted in 2019. The award is under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria and we’re quite excited that our internally developed business process management system, TBI HD, was placed among the best corporate IT projects. TBI HD is used by all our 1500 colleagues in Bulgaria and Romania who manage more than 150 processes through it.

This sort of recognition is, quite frankly, huge. BAIT is the largest and most influential branch organization in the Bulgarian ICT sector. The BAIT Awards are the most prestigious industry recognition for contributing to the development of the information and communication technologies (no joke, they are called the “Bulgarian ICT Oscars”).


The Lending UP! Conference in Prague

It wasn’t the first time we were there, but for sure it was the most memorable. LendingUP! is the first gathering designed to build up an exclusive community of top executives with active interests in the digital lending industry and focused on

the hottest trends in consumer and SME loans.TBI Bank was once again part of the event – surrounded by many friends like Monobank and Vexcash. Still, we were among the most active participants. Petr Baron presented our strategic vision and our CFO, Denis Gorbunov, moderated a round table discussion. Quite the bar for 2020, but, hey, we’re always up for a challenge.


TBI Bank welcomes Sofia airport passengers

Our communications strategy, like many other things we do, has one major thing in mind: Efficiency at optimal cost. What does that mean? Making sure we reach as many people as possible, with a clear message, both online and offline.

To reach а targeted group of people, we decided to put a welcome advertisement at the airport in Sofia. We wanted to create a message with an emotional bond to our current and future customers. Probably you remember that the choice was yours. Out of the proposed ideas, you voted for this one, which welcomes the Bulgarians on the airport:

“Welcome home! It’s good to come back to a place, where you are loved and welcomed.”

If this message has also reached you at the airport, don’t forget to send us a selfie 😉

These skills include 1- play the capacity to experiment with the surroundings as a form of problem solving


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