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Amongst the topics that you’ve suggested, was the one about Millennials. In this mid summer edition of TBI [Inside], you will find an interview of one of our teams that represents this generation as well as an article on the future of Millenials’ banking - why they get so much into banking attention.

We also share with you successful launch of two new projects, running marketing campaigns in both countries, as well as a great achievement on the money market that makes us really proud.

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Guest Editor's Corner

"I’m happy to be the first guest editor of TBI [Inside] with a focus on the Millenials. Why this microscopic attention paid to a generation whose oldest members are only now entering the prime of their adult lives? One answer is that millennials, the first people to come of age in the 21st century, with its dizzying rate of technological change, have been forced to invent new ways of navigating it.

Also known as Generation Y, or even generation Me, the Millenials are the demographic cohort following Generation X and before Gen Z. There are no precise dates for when this cohort starts or ends; demographers typically use the early 1980s as starting birth years and the mid-1990s to early 2000s as ending birth years.

Their customer base is growing and they become more important than any previous generation. This group will soon make the majority of global workforce, and are the most mobile and tech-savvy segment ever, marked by addiction to mobile devices, digital technologies and public internet life. Without attempt to make generalizations, Millennials have been characterized in a number of different ways - open-minded, assertive, progressive and being the most mobile and tech-savvy segment ever, marked by addiction to mobile devices, digital technologies and public internet life.

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TBI Bank: № 1 interbank lender on the Bulgarian market

Summer season brings good news for us. TBI Bank was named a leading interbank lender on local market for June 2017, according to the official monthly statistics of BNB. This means that we have executed the largest volumes of money market deals.

Based on such results, TBI Bank has been invited to take part in a panel for the formation of the official market indexes SOFIBID and SOFIBOR, along with the 10 leading Bulgarian banks. These indexes act as main interest rates indicators for borrowing and lending in BGN currency for the Bulgarian banks. They range between 1 day up to 1 year.

"We are really proud with this achievement and recognition of TBI Bank. This success is direct result of changes in the Treasury and Financial Markets Department which allowed us to have much more active co-operation with other financial institutions in the market. Our people with their dedication and strive for excellence are in the heart of all our success stories", said Lukas Tursa, Senior Vice President, Head of Funding.

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Our Business banking team of Millenials

"Working with passion to deliver the best results"

Speaking about Millenials’ banking with Florentina Mircea, our Chief Business Banking Officer, and TBI [Inside] guest editor, the conversation naturally leads us to a team that represents this generation not only because of their birth date. We meet part of the team of Alexandru Cosma, National Sales Manager, in their busy office in Romania.

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A summer with TBI!

TBI Credit Romania: take a loan, get your voucher

This summer the new national marketing campaign in Romania, run between July 15th – August 15th, covers the entire offline POS network, 350 all together.
We continue to strive to be a preferred partner of choice for our customers offering them complete and convinient financing solutions, accompanied by additional benefits. With the loan approval, helping our customers meet their needs and accomplish their plans, we also provide a valuable voucher so they make their holiday a happy one.

TBI Bank Bulgaria: always quick and cozy with TBI Bank

The new marketing campaign Furniture 2017 will be run from August 1st till September 30th and will be country wide. The main focus will be attracting of new clients by using different communication channels – sms campaign, banners in our web site and in the clients’ websites, facebook posts. There will be lottery divided by regions. And of course, we have thought about our Facebook fans who will have the chance to take part in another game with branded presents.

For more info, visit our facebook pages in Romania and Bulgaria.


In our strive for ongoing excellence, we are happy to share with you the successful launch of two new projects that will lead to optimizing our debt collection and retail lending processes – Provenir and iCollect.

Provenir: the new Account Decision Engine

After more than 9 months of development, Provenir, the Mercedes Benz of decision engine software in retail lending was launched in Bulgaria on 01 August 2017. Provenir is a Cloud based solution that provides flexibility for Risk to easily implement scorecards and policy rules to test their effectiveness and to automate the Underwriting process. Upon deployment of Provenir, more than 70% of POS applications and 50% of Cash Loans are automatically decisioned and most importantly they receive their approvals in less than one minute. User Acceptance Testing of Provenir is now taking place at TBI Romania. This successful implementation was made possible through the collaboration of a multi-functional team.
Many thanks to Violeta Bukovska-Tsvetkova, Ralitsa Ruskova, Mirolina Ilieva, Tseno Tsonev and Petar Petrov from the Retail Risk team; Violeta Markova from Project Management; Milko Boyadjiev and Pavel Marchev from IT and Brian Hughes, Chief Credit Officer.

iCollect: the Collections Decision Engine

On 31 July 2017, the new debt collection system, iCollect, was launched in Bulgaria after a 9 month effort. iCollect is a collection decision engine which will streamline the collection process, minimize manual operations and improve the collection rate contributing to the profitability of the Bank. Dedicated colleagues from multiple departments came together to accomplish this strategic development working together over many months to design and test the software.
Many thanks go to Diyana Bogdanova and Mihaela Maksimova from Retail Soft collections; Viktor Stoev from Retail Legal Collections; Georgi Savekliev from SME Collections; Milko Boyadjiev and Pavel Marchev from IT; Violeta Markova from Project Management; Petar Petrov, Yosif Madolev and Brian Hughes from Retail Risk and Collections.


"The Future of Millennial Banking" by Christian Ruppe

Millennials now make up over 33% of the American workforce, and they are four times as likely to use a personal finance tool from their primary financial institution as from any other source. There are two absolutely imperatives to the future of millennial banking – personalization and automation. The future of millennial banking looks similar to the future of driving. Data is going to be used in ways that no one has ever thought of to make everything more efficient. Just like self-driving cars are going make driving extremely safe, machine learning is going to make being financially prepared extremely easy. Ultimately, personal finance is going to be better. Sure, there will still be people that aren’t able to get ahead, but as a whole, being financially stable will be much easier and more people will be prepared for the future. The financial institutions that embrace and enable this future will be the ones that come out on top.

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