Dear valued readers,
With 15 years on the market our family is growing bigger and is getting more diverse.
We want to keep in touch with every single member of the team and would like to thank all of you for the valuable feedback and encouraging words that you gave us after the first new edition of our internal bulletin.
Based on your feedback, we continue to present you with information in an accessible and easy to understand manner as we keep you updated  on our developments both in Romania and Bulgaria. To reach all of you, we shall issue the bulletin in 3 languages – English, Romanian and Bulgarian, creating a greater sense of belonging to one big cohesive family.
Stay connected and continue to write us back at tbi.inside@tbibank.bg.

Best regards,
Desislava Mihova
Internal communication manager
HR Team


4finance with new CEO

Mark Ruddock appointed as CEO of 4finance

Mark Ruddock is appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the Group, Chairman of the management board of 4finance Group S.A. and Chairman of the board of 4finance Holding S.A. as of 1 July 2017. George Georgakopoulos is leaving the Group to pursue other interests and steps down from those roles as of 30 June 2017.
Mark has been a member of the Group’s supervisory board since February 2017. He has over 20 years of leadership experience spanning multi-country online financial services, mission critical enterprise software and consumer-focused mobile applications, and has a proven track record of building fast paced, innovative and scalable businesses.

Nick Jordan, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, commented: “On behalf of the board I would like to thank George for all his contributions in leading 4finance over the past year. We wish him all the best in his future endeavours. We are delighted that Mark has agreed to take on the role. His deep industry experience and track record as an innovator will serve us well as 4finance continues to expand and diversify its business.”

Mark Ruddock, CEO of 4finance, added: “ Building a great company isn’t easy. And it will require a concentrated effort from all of us. I am inspired by the talent that we have in this organization, and am looking forward to working with the team as we accelerate our efforts to build a sustainable, responsible high performance business that puts customers at the heart of what we do. ”

Petr Baron, Managing Director of TBIF Financial services, shared: We are happy to welcome Mark in his new role as CEO of the 4finance Group to which we belong. His clear vision and dedication to make things happen, makes us feel more than confident in our compelling future as a Group. As a family member of 4finance – one of the clear leaders in its field, we have to be fully aligned with the future vision of the organization, ultimately creating the foundation for successful implementation of any new developments.  And all of you – the talented TBI people, are the driving force behind. Let’s keep the team spirit that we have and enjoy our journey together while committing to each other’s success.
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Meet our technical innovators: the Internal development team

“Simplicity and common sense!”

Taking care of digitalization of existing business processes, offering responsive support to different departments, and fixing issues before you even realize they exist.   Who’s responsible for this?  The Internal Developments team, of course!   Our technical innovators tell us a little bit about what they get up to at work. Away from work, this energetic and multi-functional team enjoys getting together in non working time, sharing jokes, doing some sports activities and just having fun!

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TBI Bank with more than 10 000 facebook likes


We are focusing more and more on internal and external communication, promoting our colleagues, brand, services and products, and to adding value to them through interaction with users and customers. The digital time we live in, requires more involvement from everyone in everything that happens in and out of TBI Bank. That's why we are happy to announce that end of last month, our Bulgarian Facebook page of TBI Bank has got its 10 000th Like and our new Romanian page is getting more and more followers. This was celebrated with launching a new Facebook game in which 10 winning friends couples were rewarded with branded gifts – fancy thermo cups. Our fan who clicked the 10 000th Like, got a bag full of surprises.
Did you give us your Like?
Pay us a facebook visit in Romania and Bulgaria, and invite your friends as well!

3 new bank offices opened in Bulgaria, Romania starts 4 new partnerships and opens 5 new TBI Credit offices

We continue the greater market penetration and expansion of our branch network. TBI Bank opened 3 new offices in Bulgaria in high traffic locations over the past month. With the coming summer season the bank started working in the towns of Dimitrovgrad, Botevgrad and Sofia . Thus the overall number of  bank offices in Bulgaria and Romania reached 69.   Meanwhile, 5 new TBI Credit offices were opened in Lem’s furniture showrooms in Romania - 3 in Bucharest, 1 in Ploiesti and 1 in Brasov. We’ve also signed the new partneship for point of self-financing with Ariston – a market leader in Romania for individual heating devices, operating through 83 dealers. Our new partners for online lending -  Evomag and Salterra, are in process of onboarding for the online credit platform. Our new colleagues there are fully committed to contributing to the overall sustainable development of our business. We wish them all the best and we hope they achieve great success at their new roles. Congrats!

INSIDER: The name of our bulletin is TBI Inside

So, our bulletin naming contest is over. The bulletin name submission process closed July 7, and we received a total of 27 amazing proposals, some of them sent by different employees. Big thanks to all of you for the great ideas. A diversified name giving committee got to work judging the entries. The committee produced a shortlist of names that they feel are the best matches to the bulletin's core attributes.  The top 5 submissions were TBI Connect, TBI Inside, TBI Vibe, @TBI and TBI Spotlight. Then it was your turn to vote for your preferred name. Every employee could submit one vote for a favorite name using the online voting platform called surveymonkey.

And the winner is TBI Inside!

The employee who first submitted the name that received most votes will have the bragging rights for having named our bulletin. And this is Victoria Nikolova – the youngest new member of the Customer Service team of our Call Center. Vicky has recently joined TBI Bank after spending 2 weeks on a trainees’ programme and taking the decision that this is her dream place to work. “The old name of the bulletin was just NEWS and did not create for me a binding connection. I proposed TBI Inside because the new bulletin is sharing with us information from within the organisation, it is a resource for staying 'Inside' the TBI’s world and stay connected with its developments.” Vicky’s prize is a fancy power bank as well as a bag full of branded surprises. Get connected and stay in touch, Vicky!

FOR YOU: Being Orange, doesn’t stop us thinking Green!

Let us all make our office space a Greener place to work. Taking small but consistent steps towards being energy efficient and smart in our paper & printing consumption will help us consider the environment and make economic sense. How can we do that?

Last Out, Lights Out

  • Before you leave for the day, turn off only your monitor.
  • Unplug your cell phone chargers, or any other electronic devices.
  • Switch off the lights.
  • Encourage your ‘neighbour’ to do the same.

Print wise

Consider Why before hitting  spontaneous the print button - wasting paper, ink and toner doesn't make economic or environmental sense.
Need to file something important?
Try to organize the info digitally, keeping it in organized folders in your PC.
When you do need to print documents, set your printer or copier to make double-sided copies.
You'll substantially reduce paper use—and the number of trips to the ‘store’ for more.

Let’s start our small movement of greener change as of today.  Have a greener day!


The way we bank is radically changing too

New technology is transforming the way that we handle our finances, from apps which turn our mobiles into a bank branch, to text alerts, cheque-imaging, biometric identification and contactless cards. These changes have empowered customers in the way they choose to manage their finances. Greater choice in communication is also creating new, easier and faster interactions between customers and their banks. People can now access a range of services on their sofa, on the go or at work. These innovations are helping people manage their finances more easily. Whether we want to visit our local bank branch, use a mobile or internet-bank, there are more ways we can now choose to access and manage our money than ever before.

thefinanser.com by Chris M Skinner

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Did you plan your vacation?

Our next issue will be in August when we’ll welcome most of you back refreshed from your summer holidays. Would you like to share more where you’ve been, what other cultures you’ve explored and what has impressed you most? 

Write us back at tbi.inside@tbibank.bg and enjoy your holiday.