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In this edition of TBI {Inside}, we speak to Nina Mihaylova, our Chief People Officer, about introducing a new compensation model – Next Gen Bonus.

Our Senior Vice President, Head of Funding Lukas Tursa and Head of Financial Institutions, Gergana Dimitrova will share with us how TBI Bank was presented on the CEE Forum 2018.

We’ll tell you what steps have we done to minimize the sales people manual work, gain a better speed and thus better prepare to approach big players on the Romanian market – the implementation of a process for call-center applications.

Have you already downloaded our first funny Viber stickers pack with the slogan “Dream Big”, that enables a new kind of messaging experience? If not, time to do it and know more.

We all have to understand what’s the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is all about and what TBI Bank is doing to ensure we are prepared – a small talk with our Data Protection Officers – Alexander Georgiev and Carmen Armeanu, and its Project Manager- Magdalena Batinkova.

We shall Meet&Greet Konstantin Lubenov – one of the new members of our IT Team who shares in front of media why he has decided to come back to his country of origin, and what has and is inspiring him about TBI Bank. And for our digitak-savvy travelers – a rounded up selection of the best apps to use while exploring new adventures.

All your support, recommendations for improvement, contribution and eagerness to learn more and more of what’s happening within our organisation, are welcome. Write us back, we are here for you!

Desislava Mihova,
Internal Communication Manager

Guest Editor’s Corner

Introducing a new compensation model

Today we speak with our Chief People Officer, Nina Mihaylova, about introducing a New Compensation Model in Romania.

Nina, tell us more about this concept

Our organization is going through a deep change. We are developing & implementing new business model, we are adopting new technologies, we are designing new processes and doing things differently. High level of engagement and dedication is a must to succeed and achieve our ambitious goal as a company. And every single employee has his/her own role to play in this process of profound transformation. Said this, it is important to appreciate the individual contribution, the extra efforts people put. It is extremely important WHAT we achieve but it is as well important HOW we achieve our targets. The Values, that we adopted, are in the core to support this change. When we talk about company values we talk about Constant innovation, Growth, Customer centricity, and Teamwork.
Specific behaviors in our everyday life illustrate that we are living these values and that’s in the philosophy of the new compensation model – as I said the important thing is WHAT we do, what actions we take, what results we achieve to align with our vision of becoming a next gen digital lender, but it is as well with the same importance HOW we do it.

Our values talk about



It is about being open to new and different ways of doing things.
Looking for opportunities to continuously improve the way we work, even small change is important.
Creating an environment where ideas are encouraged and possibilities are explored.
It is not about change for change sake.



Mindset to identify and connect with our customers – internal and / or external.
Understanding customer needs & goals.
Getting into their shoes and working together to achieve results that benefit both parties.



Taking ownership and being personally accountable.
Believing in goals, being solutions-focused and achievement-oriented.
Striving to go above and beyond
Being fully engaged.



Cooperating transversally in finding ways to engage and work with others across the organization.
Leveraging skills, experience and expertise to achieve common goals.
Avoiding needless bureaucracy or delays.

And this is behind the newly implemented Compensation Model – putting the focus on behavioral change which supports the new organizational culture. The so-called Next Gen Bonus (7% on the top of contracted gross monthly salary) is exactly to measure the focus on the “HOW” element of employees performance.

Fiscal changes in Romania, resulting in a decrease of net salary of employees vs previous year came unexpected and still are not confirmed by the Parliament. But we had to react very quickly because as a concerned employer we want to make sure employees keep their net income. Thus we implemented so-called Care bonus (12% on the top of contracted gross monthly salary). This bonus is implemented on monthly basis.

I would like to focus now more on the so-called Next Gen Bonus. It is introduced upon meeting specific criteria developed on the ground of our values, and specific behaviors expected by every one of us to support the big change the company is going through. The Next Gen Concept is considered for further development and to be implemented as well as part of different remuneration schemes through the organization.

What are these specific behaviors?
They are derived from the core company values. It is about HOW do we perform our daily activities when we are lead by Constant innovation, Growth, Customer centricity, and Teamwork. Here they are and what is behind:
An employee who:
Creatively challenges the status quo to find new ways of working
Looks for the opportunities that arise during times of change
Readily adapts to new environment, jobs, technologies, and processes
An employee who:
Actively works to gain genuine understanding of the customer’s perspective
Strives to build mutually beneficial solutions and partnerships
Actively seeks customer feedback to identify opportunities for improvement and to gain insight to underlying needs
An employee who:
Sets ambitious, tangible and measurable targets
Takes personal responsibility for achieving results
Reviews and evaluates progress against agreed targets, timelines and budgets
An employee who:
Shares relevant information openly and seeks appropriate input from others outside of the direct team
Develops and maintains effective cross-functional working relationships and partnerships
Responds positively and constructively to requests for support from across the organization

Every manager will be engaged to evaluate his/her team members upon these specific behaviors. More we will develop the model and positive and negative examples will be shared with everyone to understand further the Next Gen concept and to make easier and transparent the evaluation process. We realize it is a big challenge to managers, but it also a good tool in their hands to align their team members and foster the engagement to achieve our common goal.

Managers are empowered and equipped to use this tool as a development one – to further work with their teams to improve initiative, productivity, mutual support, and cooperation through the organization.

It is a Managers’ job to “collect” feedback from everyone – other managers, other departments with which the respective team member is working closely, complementing the immediate observations during work assignments, in order to assess the collaborator’s behavior.

In the first quarter of 2018, the assessment process will be a paper exercise but we already started to work on developing an online platform to support the process and make it easier for managers, especially those with big teams.

The new compensation model was communicated to managers and through them to employees late December / early January. As well a number of workshops and dedicated further communication will go out shortly – with more documents and explanations.

Care bonus is already part of employees payment of Jan’18. Accumulated for the first quarter Next Gen Bonus (3 x up to 7%) will be paid out with the salaries of March after evaluations are concluded.

What about the feedback to employees?
Employees need and want to know how they are doing. Effective managers work hard to master the art and process of conducting feedback conversations and offering meaningful praise. The purpose of feedback is to reinforce positive behaviors that contribute to performance and to eliminate negative behaviors that detract from it. Giving feedback is one of the most important tasks of a manager’s job and it is best to be an ongoing process, on a daily basis, not once or twice in the year. We all have “blind spots,” and a manager focused on employee development can help to identify them and to coach team member on how to improve.

How do you plan to implement?
On the 6th Feb a dedicated workshop has been organized in Romania for a number of engaged managers, who embrace the change with a passion. They will help to further develop the model with more details and support its future implementation championing the new culture.
As far as we have a number of Managers located in Bulgaria with teams in Romania we will conduct a similar workshop in Sofia as well.

Any other news?
Yes, we are currently exploring the market to introduce supplementary medical care for employees in Romania. This is already existing for Bulgarian employees. We would like to align the benefits in the two countries and step by step develop further our social & benefits policy. But it takes time and it also takes budget. Soon we will inform more about this initiative as well.

The challenge is for all of us, every single contribution matters! It is everyone to embrace the change that we are going through and MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Nina Mihaylova
Chief People Officer


CEE Forum 2018: TBI Bank presented by our SVP, Head of Funding Lukas Tursa and Head of FI, Gergana Dimitrova

On 16th and 17th January 2018, Vienna welcomed over 1200 delegates for the 23rd Central and Eastern European Forum. The 2018 conference explored the outlook for the capital markets in CEE for the coming year and assessed the impact of political instability in Europe and geopolitical risk worldwide on the region’s economies. Today we speak with Lukas and Gergana who took this great opportunity to present TBI Bank and is sharing with us some interesting insights.

Guys, tell us a bit more about the forum?

Euromoney Vienna forum is like Davos meeting for Central (including Balkans) and Eastern European banks and financial institutions. You have Finance Ministers, Bankers, Fund managers, etc discussing new year borrowing plans, investment opportunities and other areas of mutual cooperation. What is interesting, everything is happening in the relatively small lobby of the Hilton hotel (where the conference is taking place) –  people are moving from one table to another, the atmosphere is very informal and friendly. Actually, the biggest challenge is to find a free table for the meeting. Sometimes, it reminds the sea resorts when tourists are trying to reserve the pool bed in the morning.

Would you please reveal more about the agenda itself?

We had really intensive agenda with around 30 meetings. This is why during the forum, we only found the time to attend the panel with 6 Ministers of Finances of Armenia, Georgia, Croatia, Lithuania, Macedonia and Serbia. In addition, we had a chance briefly speak with Minister of Finance of Lithuania and Georgia about fintech industry development in their countries (Lithuania is opening the first Blockchain technology centre in Europe and invited Revolut (UK) to apply for banking license), of course, without forgetting to mention the ‘Next Digital Lender’ to them!

But our main focus was to meet major Western European, Nordic and Romanian banks , to present our bank and discuss possible business opportunities.

Who did you meet?

To name a few, we met a Senior executive of Morgan Stanley, Citi, Intesa Sanpaolo, RZB, Erste, Danske, Deutsche bank, etc.   However, the most interesting discussions we had, were the ones with our neighbours – Romanian banks. Top managers of Banca Comerciala Romana (Erste group), Banca Transilvania, Eximbank, etc shared their views on development of Romanian economy (including Deputy Chairmen of NBR – Banca Naţională a României) and possible business cooperation.

What is the main outcome?

This wasn’t a Fintech type of conference – a forum filled with start-ups and challenger banks. There you had traditional banks with conservative views and slow decision making processes. Probably, we were one of the smallest and less known banks presented on the forum. In such cases, you need to knock many times in order for the door to open for you. We just started the process and the first feedback we have gotten is positive and encouraging one – people liked our story and direction where we are moving plus they saw our competitive advantages in being very business oriented and focused, having lean organizational structure and quick decision making processes, and great professional team. So, once again, we are on the right track and must follow this direction and continue to build on what we’ve already started.


Lending process in call-center Romania

In the last days of 2017 our collegues did not give up festive moods but continued in active pace what we have started earlier to minimize the sales people manual work as much as possible, gain a better speed and thus better prepare to approach big players on the Romanian market – the implementation of a process for call-center applications. The new process is fully tested and implemented as of January 2018 and consists of the following steps:

 1. Call-center operator calls a potential customer



2. Creates application based on the customer’s data




3. Customer comes to branch where he signs contract after underwriting approval




4. TBI disbursed loan, success & happy customer

What are the advantages of the call center process?

Web-page access to applications

No need of additional software except web-browser. All the software screens were oriented for call-center process. Inside software you will not see useless elements or steps. It is easy understandable for our employee. All actions are understand and logic. We’ll make this software like “one window” for works with applications


Smart application for repeated customers

This function is extremely needed for call center during the “cold-calls” to existing customer for offering next product. In this case, you need input only CNP(unique personal code) and all other necessary fields populate automatically.Operator need only verify info and choose financial product.


Fast pre-approval during the call

Affordable amount calculation Bankly is a filter, it will not allow to submit obviously unacceptable credit request.



The simplest application for branches employee

The application already created by call-center operator and the front manager works only with original documents.


The most comfortable tool for finding the closest branch

Some fields are transferred to front-manager (like bank account).
Usually, uncomfortable populated field from customer words .
Front- manager is able to correct all fields in application after incorrect saving after call center.


Short list of fields that need to take during customer’s call

In Bankly was created mechanism for offers the closest branches for customer depends of his address.



Traceability and transparency in the process

The call-center operator has ability to monitor status of application. He has full information about action with loan request.


We are in Viber! News form our Lending and Distribution Team with higher cash withdrawal limits

Our Lending and Distribution Team has recently launched a public Viber chat account with loan application functionality. By the new sales channel establishment, we aim to support our competitive market positions and increase the sales volumes with the idea for better connectivity, fast and convenient interaction. Our customers can now apply for lending via the bank’s new public Viber chat account.

Online loan application and the ability to obtain up-to-date information are among the main features of the automated chat account. Users may request a telephone call (Call Back) from TBI bank’s operator. From the chat main menu you can easily search for the exact location of the nearest TBI Bank office, find active links to various banking services, ongoing campaigns, and online banking. Аn innovative company focusing on the development of digital services, we are constantly looking for alternative ways to interact with our customers and provide them with useful and diverse information.

The first funny Viber stickers pack from us with the slogan “Dream Big”, enables a new kind of messaging experience. The colorful cartoon themes, represented by the characters of a boy and a girl, recreate human relationships in different life situations – on the road, in the urban traffic, during a ski vacation, etc. Тhe series of 20 unique stickers will easily become part of consumers’ everyday communication and help them share emotions and experiences with friends, colleagues, and acquaintances in a funny and unconventional way.

“24 hours since the launch we had more than 17 000 followers” shares Kristina Petkova, a Project manager. “To date, these followers are more than 90 000”.

Have you already downloaded the “Dream Big” stickers pack? You are very welcome to do it now. Follow us on Viber, Facebook, and LinkedIn to see more.


Ready or not, GDPR is coming!

A brief overview with our Data Protection Officers – Alexander Georgiev and Carmen Armeanu, and its Project Manager Magdalena Batinkova, to help us understand the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and what TBI Bank is doing to ensure we are prepared.

– Collegues, tell us a bit more what is GDPR?

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. The regulation comes into force from May 25th, 2018 across all the EU countries and will become mandatory for all personal data controllers and other entities, processing personal data within the EU. Regulation is adopted to unify the regulatory practices in all EU countries on personal data protection and the size of penalties for violation of this regime. The total maximum amount of the possible fine is determined to be 20 million EUR or 4% of total global annual turnover of the offender from the previous year.
Privacy and data protection are important to 4finance Group and us at TBI Bank as we handle the personal data of our customers, employees and third party providers.

– What rules do we have to follow in respect of the Group privacy?

We are strictly following 5 rules:
Rule 1: We are always transparent in what we do with Personal data and information and never use it for purposes beyond those for which it was collected.
Rule 2: We only collect information that we need and we only keep it for as long as we really need it.
Rule 3: We will always respect privacy rights.
Rule 4: We always keep Personal data and information secure.
Rule 5: We will only allow Personal data and information to be processed in countries when we are satisfied that there is adequate protection in place.

– What is TBI bank doing in preparation for GDPR?

We have set as a priority the implementation of new GDPR on Group level and presenting to all employees the necessary information for new requirements that have to become part of our everyday work.
In preparation for the new regulation due, we are raising awareness through articles such as this and running a GDPR project with key activities including:
• updating privacy and data protection policies
• data subject rights processes automation
• establishing registers and identifying data flows
• guidelines and training for all staff in april
• establishing risk assessment, controls and monitoring
• updating our contracts including those allowing data movements around our company.

All these increases the importance of having internal personal data protection officers in each company, making it mandatory. They will be in charge of controlling the implementation of personal data protection measures in the company and reporting to national data protection authorities.
For more information, go to our intranet and search for TBI Personal Data Protection Policy – BG & RO. You may also contact our Project Manager – Magdalena, and the Group Data Protection Officers Alexander and Carmen, HERE.


‘The reason I came back to my country’ with Konstantin Lubenov

Our IT colleague Konstantin Lubenov shares in the media what made him come back to Bulgaria and how he joined our great team. After graduating London Metropolitan University and spending two years in Florida, USA, Kosio is now holding the position of Senior Business Analyst in our IT team.
“What attracted me most after I’ve been proactively contacted by the TBI recruiters, is the chance to work with Andreas Down on our digital transformation.” Asked what’s his working credo, Konstantin says “Consistency, a lot of work and accurate analysis.” – this is what marks the daily work that he describes as “Pretty nice and dynamic working days that go unnoticed.”
Well done, Kosio, we are happy that you’ve made your choice to join our diversified team. The full interview with Konstantin, you can read HERE.


Are you a digital-savvy traveler?

Are you a passionate traveler? No one needs a smartphone full of gimmicky apps. Here you will find a rounded up selection of the best tools for the digital-savvy traveler that you might be or may wish to become. Next time a friend or collegue catch you with the question “Oh, don’t you use …?”, you’ll be prepared with the answer. Thanks to Nicoleta Pavel, our PR Specialist in Romania.

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at and become our next GUEST EDITOR, Travel guide around a TBI location, share your TALENT or HOBBY, or just let us know what do you want to learn from us in 2018.

Write us back

at and become our next GUEST EDITOR, Travel guide around a TBI location, share your TALENT or HOBBY, or just let us know what do you want to learn from us in 2018.