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It’s snowy and cozy – perfect time for some inside reading. In this edition of TBI {Inside}, we speak to Dobrin Dobrev, our Head of Information Security who will be telling us more why ‘Security is everyones’ business’ at TBI Bank and what we do to secure it. Today Dobri shares some insights about our passwords’ security.

You’ll find the preliminary unaudited end-of-year results of 4finance Group, part of which is TBI Bank.
We’ll tell you a story of success in Romania with our online deposit platform and will share with you what the Continuous scoring project is all about.

“Every day is perfect for …” new ideas, new purchases … learn how we help our customers make their daily dreams comes true. We’ll “meet & greet” Antonio Grigorov, our Head of Recruitment and Employer Branding from the HR team, who shares in front of media why he has decided to come back to his country of origin, and what has attracted him most about TBI Bank as well as what is his secret for success. You will also get to know how TBI Bank is encouraging the potential of young people in an initiative that we support. Do you know how to successfully establish yourself, if you have to, in another European country with its own cultural difference in business? You’ll get so extra knowledge in international business culture awareness and business etiquette.

Desislava Mihova,
Internal Communication Manager

Guest Editor’s Corner

“Security is everyone’s business” with Dobrin Dobrev

As part of our internal security campaign and training organized to boost security awareness amongst us, this is the first of a series of regular talks over a cup of coffee with our Head of Information Security- Dobrin Dobrev who will be telling us more why ‘Security is everyones’ business’ at TBI Bank and what we do to secure it. Today Dobri shares some insights about our passwords’ security:

“Seems that often collegues may underestimate any security actions with the explanation “I only did this and that” … but we all must understand that our security is everyone’s’ business – we are all responsible for it with our daily actions. Or the lack of them.” Says Dobrin.

Password strength is a measure of the effectiveness of a password against guessing or brute-force attacks. We have enabled password strength policy that determines whether passwords must meet some complexity requirements. Complexity requirements are enforced when passwords are changed or created. Enabling this policy, our domain passwords (when you log in your PC or dedicated systems – Dokoni, HelpDesk, BAPS, etc) must meet the following minimum requirements when they are changed or created, containing:
– at least 8 symbols
– base 10 digits (0 through 9)
– lowercase & Uppercase characters (A through Z)
– special symbol (“!#$%&'()*+,-./:;<=>?@[\]^_`{|}~”)

How? click Ctrl + Alt + Del -> Change Password and … be creative.

The longer and more complicated passwords need more time in order to be guessed, are difficult to be remembered or to have shoulder surfing, and special symbols prevent from dictionary attacks.

TIPS: Don’t save your passwords in the web browsers because they can be easily stolen from there.

Don’t share your new password with your collegues, neither write it down on sticky notes – there are other ways to tell collegues what’s your favorite dog, the name of your first love or how you secretly call your boss” says Dobri adding some sense of humor to the serious topic.
“Thank you for being responsible, security is everyone’s business.”

Dobrin Dobrev,
Information Security Officer


4finance end-of-year results

The preliminary unaudited results for the year ending 31 December 2017 of 4finance Group, part of which is TBI Bank, were published on Wednesday, 28 February 2018. A conference call with the management to discuss these results was held yesterday – 1 March 2018. If you are eager to find out more about the financial and operational highlights of the Group, as well as how Mark Ruddock, CEO of 4finance, commented on them, please follow the LINK.


Story of success – our online deposit platform in Romania

How to make customers aware of a top -market value proposition and give them the opportunity to seamlessly try it themselves, no matter where they are located? Answering this question is how the idea for TBI’s online deposit platform was born. Back in 2017, two digital savvy enthusiasts, Lukas Tursa and Domnica Vasiliu, started shaping the future of an entirely new retail deposits digital sales channel. Its main focus is to allow customers to onboard for less than 10 minutes and entrust TBI Bank with their savings directly from the comfort of their homes…and, of course, get lucrative returns.
Today we have a fully functional platform for the Romanian market, coming soon this year in Bulgaria too, nearly 100 happy customers and a fast growing deposit portfolio. Are you curious to know some interesting customer’s success stories?

The IT guru:

A few months ago, one of our most serious critics – an IT guy with knowledge and interest in user experience and all types of online platforms literally trashed our MVP (minimum viable product- product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and to provide feedback for future product development). Today, after some fixes, updates and improvements, the same guy is one of our biggest & happiest customers having currently more than 15 deposits with us due to the exceptional sales skills and personal charisma of Denis Caciula, our Head of Deposit Management in Romania. By the way, Denis & Mr. IT are currently best of friends on WhatsApp.

The 90+ ‘millennial’:

Millennials are the best target audience for digital-related stuff. Well, at least it’s said so, but not always the case for the deposits. Another great customer of ours is a 90+ years old gentleman who is highly appreciative on the fact that his savings are safe with us, even without having to go to the branch…or follow a trend of his mates to stash money in empty jam jars or/and under the mattress.

The VIP:

We have many prominent clients, among them a beloved Romanian singer and multiple music awards winner – one of our first customers and most loyal ones.

We strongly believe that a successful story is built from the inside out and our colleagues are our most important clients. A clear example for this is one of our favorite new clients – Mrs. Viviana Stoican, Recruitment and Employer Branding Specialist at TBI Bank Romania. Asked about what made her open a deposit through our platform, she shares: “3 major decision points for me – a seamless & easygoing onboarding process, high yield and of course – the personal touch of our great deposit’s team.”

Have you open your online deposit? If not, just click HERE and if you need some extra consultation, our Head of Deposit Management in Romania, Denis Caciula and his colleagues will be happy to consult you!

….and last, but not least – spread the word among friends & family, share the link in social media and make other people happy too😊


Embrace your customer: Continuous scoring project

We are a strong player on consumer lending market with 28% market share in big chains. This brought us a serious competitive advantage, we know every 4th bankable customer in Bulgaria.
Then why should we wait for the customer to apply for a loan by himself?
Should our branches and Call center spent a lot of time to pursue customers applying for the loan? Should we reject 50% of applications cases and lead to customer dissatisfaction?
Can’t we just become more proactive in serving our customers’ needs? Can we motivate more our sales staff?

To leverage on that and to become more productive in running our daily business, we launched Continuous Scoring Project with the main purpose to assign to every customer a certain credit limit proactively.

What does it mean?

We preapprove a loan to a customer based on the knowledge we have about that particular customer, his repayment history and financials.

Then we communicate it to him instead of waiting for the customer to apply for the loan himself.


What should the customer do?

He just needs to come to the nearest office, get the money and become one of our highly satisfied customers.


What about our sales force?

We’ll have much more motivated sales staff as those who sell according to Constant Scoring offer, get additional motivation.The Constant scoring campaign is a priority for TBI Bank as it allows to decrease the time of customer spent for the application process and increase the sales of branches and call center. On the 26th Feb we have launched the second wave of the project.


Encouraging young people’s potential

TBI Bank supports the initiative “Your 25 Reasons to Choose Bulgaria” – a campaign, organized by PwC, that helps talented Bulgarian students to develop their potential in the country. 25 winners selected out of 1300 candidates by an independent jury will be officially announced on March 1st, 2018 by the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev. They applied in the contest writing an essay on the topic why they would choose Bulgaria for their career growth. The selected students will be supported with scholarships worth of 6000 BGN, internships and mentoring in the companies – partners of the project.

“Young people are vehicles of progress and we want to encourage their potential,” said Valentin Galabov, the chairman of our Management Board, who is one of the mentors in the program.
“We see a long-term value in this campaign, which also corresponds to our corporate vision that people are the most important asset of any organization. The choice of young people to leave the country is no longer perceived as a brain drain but as free movement in an open, globalized market. This is the challenge for Bulgarian companies today. They should create competitive conditions to attract and retain young educated people. At TBI Bank, we strive to attract young people, work together with them, and create the products that they need. This is also the reason for TBI Bank’s participation in two career forums targeting our compatriots abroad this year – in London and Berlin”, Mr. Galabov said in the special interview for Capital newspaper.


“Every day is perfect for …”

We’ve just started our new marketing image campaign for loans under the slogan “Everyday is perfect for….” that will run till end of March. Through this message we want people to get away from the cold winter days and open their minds towards future plans and ideas to be implemented throughout the year. And we are here to support them and to be their preferred partner in making them happen. “Every day is perfect for new ideas” for our office branches, and for big chain stores and small merchants – “Every day is perfect for new purchases.”

Every customer who has signed a contract in the period of the campaign gets a cute gift – “Provider of ideas” – pocket size booklet with nice ideas for purchases, improvement of their daily life or household, helping to organize monthly spendings and plan well in advance all new ideas for better life. It has calendar and 18 stickers with various ideas that can be stuck on a specific date of the selected month in which the customer wants to realize them. There are also 2 blank stickers for personalised ideas and creativity. Our customers will know that they can dream big and all ideas can be realized – it’s all about good planning and having a trusted partner like TBI Bank.


“The reason I came back to my country” with Antonio Grigorov

Our collegue, Antonio Grigorov shares in the media what made him come back to Bulgaria and how he joined our great team.

After graduating the UK’s Strathclyde University and spending three years and a half abroad, Antonio is now holding the position of Head of Recruitment and Employer Branding in our HR team.

“What attracted me most after I’ve been proactively contacted by the TBI recruiters, is the chance to be part and contribute to our digital transformation.”

Asked what’s his working credo, Antonio says

“The key to success is to discover your own talent and never loose your strive for new knowledge and challenges.”

Well done, Antonio, we are happy that you’ve made your choice to join our diversified team.

The full interview with Antonio, you can read HERE.


The business culture in various countries

Do you know how to successfully establish yourself, if you have to, in another European country with its own cultural difference in business? If you are eager to learn how, the article below is here to help! You’ll get extensive knowledge in international business culture awareness and business etiquette.

Did you know about business culture in Bulgaria and Romania?
Just choose a country of your interest and watch video animations and read more to find out some interesting facts, HERE.
(Thanks to Kristina P. Petkova, Specialist Strategic Business Development, Retail Banking team)

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