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Dear readers,

I was about to say ‘Welcome to our spring edition’ but seems like we are still in deep winter! Grab a cup of blended tea and enjoy some inside reading. In this edition of TBI {Inside}, we will find out more together with Valentin Galabov how digitization will change the financial lives of our customers. Today Petr Baron and Olga Gulkova will tell us what are the most effective way to stay in ahead on Fintech innovation.

You’ll find another step in our journey of constantly striving to improve our customer’s lives and learn more about our new self-service terminals. We’ll tell you a story of an extraordinary teambuilding initiative of a well deserving people – our Call center campaigns team.

For those of you who love running we have prepared a special challenge – would you dare to take it?

You will get to know how TBI Bank is hunting for promising talents and we are doing this in London. Do you know how to successfully recognize phishing email and thus contribute to our security? Find out. You’ll also get insides of how our happy customers find cool ways to say thank you to our team of great professionals.

Desislava Mihova,
Internal Communication Manager


Digitization will change the financial lives of our customers

We’d like to share with you some highlights from what was said by Valentin Galabov, the chairman of our Management Board in a special interview for the latest Manager Magazine edition.

“We believe that digitization will change the financial lives of our customers. We want to be recognized as a modern, flexible, “smart” bank that provides these services in a new way. For us, this is an immediate goal, for others, it will happen in the longer run. Sooner or later, however, every bank will, as far as possible, move to a new generation of virtual banking”. Among the main topics in his interview are trends in the financial services and the speed at which banking is changing today, as well as the online-based products and services that the Bank is developing in response to the digitized consumption.

Asked about the products that we will provide to our clients and will respond to the Bank’s new vision, Galabov answers: “We believe that convenience is a basic feature of the financial services we provide, including lending. That’s why now the bank wants to be a click away from each of its clients. On both countries we operate – Bulgaria and Romania, we will offer an identical approach and product range. I would like to give an example – last year we launched an online deposit platform in Romania. It will be commissioned in our country in 2018. Recently in Romania, we launched the first online credit product with video identification and electronic signature – our customers can now get a consumer loan online for just a few minutes. It is a matter of time to launch this innovation on the Bulgarian market as well. It brings various benefits – reducing service and maintenance costs, accessibility from anywhere, anytime. These are just some of the things we are planning in order to meet the growing demand for innovative digital solutions on both markets.”

In another interview of Banker weekly, Valentin also talks about the digitalization of the Bank, his career path and the competition on the banking market. From a personal perspective, he shares more on his hobbies – surfing, skiing and family trips. ‘A man must be adaptive and active, but also step forward stable and with ease.’ he says. The full interview in BG you can find HERE.


The most effective way to stay in ahead on fintech innovation with Petr & Olga

As you already know from Petr’s video message for the 8th of March, TBI Bank had its representatives on Europe’s leading Fintech event – Finovate 2018. Each year Finovate Europe brings together over a thousand financial services professionals, investors and fintech enthusiasts to celebrate the cream of the crop in the fintech world. This year’s event took place during 6–9 March at the ExCel in London in a large venue as you can judge from the pics, to accommodate the increased demand.  TBIF CEO, Petr Baron, and Olga Gulkova – SVP Lean &Innovation got insights from another 120+ fintech experts. With more than 1400 attendees gathered together to see the cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology in a unique, short-form format. Finovate was curated, fast-paced, and got right to the point. Petr and Olia shared with us their takeaways.

Olia: «Finovate as an event that brings together the disruptors and followers of the world’s innovations. And all of them are learning from each other’s best practice and achievements. Their news and failures as well are the most valuable part of this networking. I am ready to be the second in innovation in general. But I pretend to be the first in terms of user experience and particular implementation. And this comes only from practice, analysis and constant «boiling» in the fintech environment, thoughts, and examples”.

Petr “Fintech innovation continues at a blistering pace and we can’t afford to be left behind, useful notes were made, open-minded approach with practical applications as a priority. Learn, adopt, sometimes make mistakes, learn again, move ahead, and make customers happy !!!”

See FinovateEurope in 30 seconds video through your mobile phones, HERE.


Being a cool bank & making lives easier – introducing self-service terminals

We did one more step in our digitalization journey making the lives of our customers easier. As from the beginning of March 2018, all our clients can pay their installments or apply for a credit through the system of Cashterminal.

Cаshterminal and TBI Bank offer quality customer service and a variety of products and services in the field of consumer finance and business lending. At the terminals, consumers can pay their utility bills like heating, water, and electricity, or their TV, Internet and mobile services.

This is a joint project between our Lending and distribution and Operations & IT. Kalina Damyanova, Head of Cards Operations and Project Manager for the “Self-Service Terminals”, shares: ‘We are constantly striving to improve our customer’s journey and this joint project brings us closer to satisfying the primary needs of those being in the center of all our actions. It was a real pleasure to work with the make it happens team, with the close support of Ivan Zashev (Retail Banking), Martin Nikolaev and Plamen Yordanov (Internal developments).”

While taking a picture, we meet at the casherminal another happy customer – internal one – our colleague Ivon Papazova ‘I’m so grateful that now I can much easily proceed with my monthly credit installments. I feel proud as well being an employee of a modern bank’.

Our colleagues from Varna shared the most common reactions by their customers – ‘Wow, so cool and real time saver’. Well done, guys!


Bread buildingbeing №1 with the Call center campaigns team

Our Call Center Campaigns team chose an innovative teambuilding method to reward themselves with being the January N1 in our ‘Sell&enjoy’ internal competition with 89.1% ensured credits. Having simple but motivational criteria, the competition is dedicated for our branch network, call center, big chains and small merchants – the 1st place goes to the team/ branch/shop with highest % of ensured credits. Normally being high-TECH, this time the team decided to be high-TOUCH in a good-spirited, adventurous experience boosting their creativity, cooperation, and social responsibility to underserved groups of our society.

They visited together a Bread house where invested all their energy in preparing ecological, handmade sourdough bread, incomes from which go to vulnerable groups: orphans, long-term unemployed, mothers of many children. All the team enjoyed utmost their well-deserved reward, the time spent together and the noble cause behind.

Congratulations to the other winners as well and we all look forward to hearing from them how they’ve spent their teambuilding event!


Are you a running master?

It’s in our internal culture to support an active lifestyle. As part of our internal ‘Be active” culture and campaign, we are looking for up to 9 running masters who will represent TBI Bank in the annual Bucharest Half marathon.

  • Race distance: Half-marathon, individual race (10 km) and relay race (7 km *3)
  • Start time: Sunday, May 13th, 8:15 AM
  • Start place: Bd. Libertăţii – Parc Izvor, Bucharest. See map.

The call is open for all TBI employees both Romania and Bulgaria. You will get coverage for the marathon participation fee. Please send your request for participation HERE. Deadline for submission of applications – 27th March 2018. A dedicated committee will review all applications and come back with the shortlisted candidates. To find out more about the marathon, click here. Looking forward to hearing from you! Let’s show what it is to be N1!


Hunting for promising talents in London

As part of our long-term Recruitment & Employers branding strategy, TBI Bank participated in this year’s edition of the Bulgarian Careers Fair which took place on 10th March in London. The event targeted at Bulgarians living abroad who are interested in career opportunities in Bulgaria. Our participation in the Bulgarian Careers Fair aimed to attract promising well-educated talents who are willing to come back and join our great team. Currently, around 15% of our Bulgarian HQ employees have studied or lived abroad. The team of the bank comprises of professionals from 12 nationalities.

Our recruiters met with more than 200 Bulgarian students and young professionals who were eager to understand the opportunities for career development offered by us. As the only banking institution represented on the fair, we got 12 excellent candidates with 5+ experience, currently working for companies like Morgan Stanley, Bank of England, RBS, Lloyds Bank and other highly reputable organizations. 20 more candidates are listed for our Summer Internship in TBI Bank, students from Cass Business School, Coventry University, Imperial College London and etc.

With this participation, we benefited as well great exposure and interest in our company.


How to recognize phishing email

Why is it so important? Email is an essential part of our everyday communications. It is also one of the most common methods that hackers use to attempt to gain access to sensitive information. More than 90% of data breaches start with a phishing attack. “Phishing” uses fraudulent email messages designed to impersonate a legitimate person or organization and trick the recipient into downloading harmful attachments or divulging sensitive information, such as passwords, bank account numbers or other confidential information
How to recognize a phishing email?
– Name check: If you receive an email or even an instant message from someone you don’t know directing you to sign in to a website, be wary, especially if that person is urging you for any action.
– Have attached file or suspicious link:  NEVER open attached files from suspicious email.
– Threatening: may use similar threatening alerts like “Urgent action required!” “Your account will be closed!” “Your account has been compromised!” These intimidation tactics are becoming more common than the promise of “instant riches”; taking advantage of your anxiety and concern to get you to provide your personal information.
– Poor spelling and/or grammar

How to report a phishing scam?
This must be done in Microsoft Outlook (Desktop client) to IT & Security. Follow the simple steps:

  • Select the suspicious email in Outlook.
  • Press Control-Alt-F. This will open a draft email message with the suspicious email as an attachment.
  • Add and  in the To: field of the draft email message.
  • Send the email.

Thank you for being responsible, security is everyone’s business.


Sweet thank you

Today we’d like to share with you a ‘sweet’ story coming to us from south part of Bulgaria – Asenovgrad. The high professionalism and really embrace your customer’ approach of our two colleagues in the Techomarket Asenovgrad POS – Sara Ivanova and Tsvetelina Fileva was well rewarded.

A truly happy customer of ours, grateful for all the cooperation that she received, decided to sweeten the day of our colleagues there. She brought hand-make decorated cake with the message on top “1000 thanks to Technomarket & TBI employees”.

Good job, ladies! Keep to the same standards of work!

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at and become our next Guest editor, send us some interesting stories and facts, share your happy customer story, or just let us know what do you want to learn from us.

Write us back

at and become our next Guest editor, send us some interesting stories and facts, share your happy customer story, or just let us know what do you want to learn from us.