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Here I am, your one and only TBI Inside. Your brand new but still same old internal bulletin, wanting to share TBI stories. I promise to be open (as much as you open me), honest (yes, I will speak out loud about all topics that are important to all, and yes, this includes some painful truths) and transparent (like me or dislike me 😊 but share your feedback, so that I learn). I know I am still a bit old school in terms of design, but I have been promised new clothes. I will count on you to tell me more about how I look and sound and what do you want me to tell you. So welcome, make yourself comfortable and enjoy the read.
Sincerely yours,
TBI Inside

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What We Did Good BG:

Call Center Rocked in Efficiency

Our Call Center really did rock and roll in September & October. They have new VCC (Virtual Call Center) system in place. As a result, they have 86.4% campaign reach rate. (We have never ever had before this high rate in our Call Centre). So TBI Inside turned to Daria Kotseva, Head of Department Customer care and Telemarketing to learn more on the successful implementation of the VCC. Here is what she shared.

As of April, Call Centre implemented VCC. What is the system and what it does?
VCC Hungary is a global 4Finance partner providing cloud telephony solution and call recordings storage. This solution allows us to maximize sales effort.

What are the results you are achieving so far with the new system?
We manage to handle over 95% of the incoming phone customer requests and loan applications via phone, and on the outbound campaigns side – we handle 25k unique sales leads per month.
The system provides real time monitoring and optimization of the work volume distribution. We increased the reach rate of our campaign databases from ~60% to 86% through the automated dialling. The system functionalities eliminate the work with multiple excel sheets as all the data is updates centrally real time.

What challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
We implemented the solution in phases which allowed us to minimize shortfalls and ensure smooth go live.

What are the next steps you plan for the Call Centre?
On the campaigns` side we plan a double expansion of our centralized sales team where we aim to handle 50k unique customer leads with just 20 FTE. On the Inbound side we continue delivering the best in class customer service along with maximizing the effort to answer the incoming phone loan applications from new and existing customers.
Our Online team is expanding as well as we are about to launch new frontend platforms for easier and faster customer and partner service. We continue supporting the Cash Online and POS online business along with the ambitious plan to double the capacity of handled POS online applications. We expect multiple benefits for the business, our customers and our partners among which much faster and more user-friendly service.

We`re already set for an ambitious Q4 and successful 2020.

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What We Did Good RO:

Cash Lending Business in Romania Has Entered a New Era

During the past month a new sales flow was launched in Romania, enabling our staff to conclude sales outside our offices. The first tests are currently running with some agents who are equipped & pilot our new and unique to the market flow. TBI Inside contacted Ionut Cristea to learn more about the new process.

Ionut, tell us more about it?
Well, few months ago we started developing this project aiming to provide a new tool to the network, consigning in a digitalized flow for cash loans business, through a new front end, called Bankly. The new instrument is allowing our staff to sell loans outside of our premises, in couple of minutes, and therefore to be closer to our customers and their needs. Thus, once we will fully deploy this project, all sales colleagues will be using tablets on which we will install the platform.

Before, we were using the front end of Charisma. Inside the platform the agents were filling customer details and place all required documents, then either automatically, or manually we were receiving Underwriting resolution. For every approved file, customers were physically signing credit contracts. In most of cases, in order to finalize the process would mean at least two visits of the office for our customers.

How is the new process different and how it will improve the work in Romania?
Now, the entire flow is happening with 3 simple steps, on the spot. Our Sales agent meets the customer, fills all details, takes the picture of the ID & all needed consents, the system is automatically recognizing the data, then is checking external database (Credit Bureau and ANAF) and gives the final resolution. If the customer is approved, then contracts are sign electronically during the same meeting. The beauty is that all flow is passed in less than 30 minutes…

Simply saying, we are changing totally our sales approach, but also customers experience and interaction with TBI. We are all very busy, and so our customers. By implementing the new method, we will give another reason to become a customer of ours. The new flow has embedded all functionalities, ANAF, Credit Bureau, Electronic signature, it is compliant with our risk policies, but also in line with our next digital lender strategy…

How many colleagues were engaged in the process?
We have 15 colleagues who are working with the new flow, using the tablets where Bankly was installed. We started the pilot in October and around 25% of the sales (from those Sales Agents) are disbursed through the new flow.

Who would you like to thank to?
The main actors to whom we would like to express our gratitude, are the 15 from our team, are Bankly development team (Oleksandr), then local IT team (Ionut Cojoc), UW (Anca Ojog, Monica Matei), product (Anca Dragu) and sales support (Aura Oprea). BIG THANK YOU & BRAVO to all COLLEAGUES who made this happen: development team, IT, Underwinding, Product, Operations.

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Sales News BG:

We Won the Technopolis Christmas Promo

Sales team won for a second consecutive year the Christmas tender at Technopolis! This is a great news and one more battle we won with the competition. Christmas is the best time of the year, proving to our customers we are a partner who is a leader in stock lending. “I expect from colleagues in Technopolis stores to take advantage of the created commercial opportunity and to realise their full potential, as well as to congratulate the conquest of new corporate peaks! No points for the second best!”, shared Jeliazko Jeliazkov, National Sales Director, TBI Bank Bulgaria.

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New Initiatives @HR:

Internal Job Postings

Looking for a new inspiration at work? Here are the Internal Lateral Growth opportunities @TBI:

• Regional manager POS Sales – Sofia
• Business Analyst
• POS Agent
• Call Center Agent
• Personal banker

Find more information about the open positions here.
Take a chance! Talk to your supervisor & Rush your CV to

Please include the Position Title that you are applying for in the subject line.

Good Luck!!

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HR is organizing Induction Training for newcomers. Here is a picture of the latest induction that gathered on 14th of November 14 new employees. They had great time, as we can see from the pictures and senior managers spoke to them. Now you want to be new again, right? 😀

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"Аз съм Търговски асистент в магазин Зора и моята работата е мое отражение!


HR Team is pleased to share yet another people initiative: Happy@TBI! We will tell about the TBI journey of our own Contagiously positive colleagues, who are happy & proud @TBI 😊

Our first story is about Eva. You would probably remember her from our last two town halls in which she was awarded for her performance in Sales.

Eva is from Vidin – a town that bridges cultures between Bulgaria and Romania and just like TBI Bank, Eva speaks both languages.

Eva, your career at TBI started in 2009 in Technopolis Store. Tell us more about how you started?
“I was very fortunate to have colleagues who taught me a lot. We were a great team & managed to bag a special prize in my 1st month itself!! Then…. I moved to Zora & am happily working here 😊 “I’m a Sales assistant at Zora shop and my job is my reflection!”

Back then, 10 years ago and now, you are a constant winner. After spending a decade with TBI Bank, what inspires you?
“I am very fond of the dynamic environment and innovation in our business, but what differentiates TBI, is the approach to every customer. I value the way TBI cares for its employees. I love my work. I like to communicate with people, to sell, to deliver and to succeed!
I feel appreciated for my contributions by my manager… My guide 😊

Eva, if you have the power to add or change something in your work experience at TBI, what would that be?
Would be great to have some team buildings.

We are sure a lot will change with all our common efforts and we wish Eva good luck ahead!

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Have You Been Checked?

We may not want to hear doctors speak but we all know that it’s better we do. And it is more important than anything. So it is really great someone (our company, organized with the support of HR team) is taking care of this and making us attend the doctor on time.

In Bulgaria HQ employees had their current medical status checked, in Sales there are still checks ongoing. “People are our greatest asset & their health and wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. We will continue investing in our people, so each & every employee feels happy & proud @TBI, said Nidhi Kumar, HR Manager.

In Romania medical checks have been introduced as of October. Medical services offered by the top provider on the market, Regina Maria. Presentations were organized at the Bank’s headquarters where the Vendor highlighted the benefits of the package and answered our colleagues’ questions. This was of huge positive impact to our colleagues, as health is of utmost importance to us all.

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We Got a Bit Smarter

The PPT Guru Boris Hristov, well known for his experience with all-time favourite to business tool – the Power Point, joined us to teach us how to advance our skills. Over 40 employees took part in the training PPT tips & tricks. Feedback was that awesome, well, when you have a great teacher, what is not to be awesome… 😉

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NextGen Learning Space

Can you guess at least one common thing between TBI Bank, Sony, Dell, Harvard and Yale? Well, what’s for sure is that we are using the same platform for online training and assessment – ProProfs. So, the next time you receive an email with an extension, there is no need to contact the Information security team – it’s not a phishing email, but rather an opportunity for you to learn 😊

This very opportunity is available to more than 800 TBI employees in BG, due to the collaboration and the hard work of our Internal Trainers – Ani Klisarska and Eleonora Stoyanova and our People & Organizational Development Manager – Viktor Tutekov.

The numbers from the beginning of the year speak for themselves: 
• 10 courses launched
• 38 quizzes created
• Allowing almost 40% of the total training hours for the period to be online.

“This NextGen Learning Space is an effective and efficient tool for supporting our eager for new knowledge colleagues in their constant journey of improving their competencies”, said Viktor Tutekov.

And if you are interested: “What about Romania?” – it is about to be solved very soon! Learning through ProProfs becomes digital in Romania as well! We hope we will have at least that many trainings in the next year in Romania as well! We will share more during the following week. Stand by for the news. Thumbs up, Viktor Tutekov, People & Organizational Development Manager and Carmen Caramlau, HR Business Partner RO for the developments!

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Marketing News

Cash Hit 600 BGN is Live

Sing me a Song with the Radio

Did our radio ad already interrupt your singing in the morning in the car? Because our latest Cash product with 0% interest rate, taxes and GPR is aired in top radios with national coverage such as Radio 1, Radio 1 Rock, BRJ, BR Radio, Veseina, NJoy providing largest reach in all Bulgaria. And in case you didn’t hear it yet, no worries – you will get the chance in the next couple of weeks. If you are not the loud singer morning type of person, Marketing made sure our campaign will catch you in the evening hours too.

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No Radio – No Problem. Cash Hit 600 BGN is Also on Print

If you are the silent morning reader in the metro – in Sofia, we have nice ads taking people to their offices.

Check the picture of Rado from Marketing posing with the ads – he is probably a morning person, looking at his smile 😊.

Marketing has also planned an activity with flayers distribution to 1 million recipients and currently there are promo activities going on in 72 cities.
Stay tuned for more news from the cash hit 600 BGN campaign and results (by the way we had a sneak peek and results look awesome.)

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UniPig News

UniPig Contest BG

Have you seen that beautiful UniPig in the main hall of the HQ, right? It’s so pretty that it truly deserves few pics, and it got some: 

But we really believe that our UniPig should be famous, so we decided to run a challenge with all of you. Two best pics will be awarded with small but nice gift. Here is what you should do:

1. Take a pic with the UniPig (You, you and your team…)
2. Put it on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram media with a hashtag #tbiunipig (or even in TikTok if you have one)
3. Send the pic to till 6th of December
4. In the email to Internal Communication Copy -paste the following sentence for GDPR agreement (otherwise, we cannot share it with colleagues and it will be a secret picture that can’t participate in the contest)

By sending these photos of me as part of the #tbiunipig initiative to, I declare my agreement to TBI Bank EAD to use these photos and / or videos with my image, and to provide these photos with my image of companies within the Bank Group for advertising purposes, the issuing and distribution of the Bank’s internal newsletter, email communication, internal information and motivation campaigns and other similar communication initiatives and channels.

Then a jury of 3 colleagues ( from Marketing, PR, Deposits) will select the best and most creative pics till 13th of December. The pics will be shared in the next bulletin with selected awardees. Show your creativity with us and online!

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UniPig Survey RO

In case you missed the TV clip for Deposits in Bulgaria in LinkedIn, you can still watch it today here: //
It would be good to share with us – do you think the story is relevant to Romania and if we place Romanian voice over to this same ad, do you think TBI Bank customers will relate? Share what you think in this survey Be a part of creating our story in Romania!

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In Our Website

Our corporate websites and have been updated with one more section dedicated to our proposition for merchant partners. They hold information that explains the benefits of partnering with TBI to offer customers the opportunity to buy in instalments. They are also designed to facilitate the onboarding process with a simple form that potential partners can fill on the website to initiate the conversation with us and make the first step of signing a partnership as easy as possible.

The great news is we already have our first lead and the team is already onboarding the partner!

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Paperless Operations with OTP are Top

Operations introduced new paperless bank operations using One Time Password (OTP).

These are process for cancellation of contract, contract termination and insurance refund. This means that colleagues working with customers no longer need to print these documents, but instead they are following a flow in the TBI Bank HD. The colleagues from Branch Network need to verify the customer with their ID card and to follow the simplified form in TBI Bank HD by entering minimum data of the customer the whole process is confirmed via SMS, sent to the customer. After completing the process, our clients receive second SMS confirming the execution of the operation and containing unique number of the request processed. 

For the first 20 days after the launch of the OTP processes over 1000 tickets were created, meaning that 2000 papers less were used. Operations are planning to launch more OTP processes through TBI Bank HD in the forthcoming months. “Loan Administration Department and Operations Automation Department did a great job in bringing to life the OTP processes in TBI Bank HD. We relay on them to continue with their good work!” shared Nikolay Spasov, Chief Operations Officer.

And we can’t wait to see new paperless processes, for sure we will be saving a small forest for the upcoming year! 😊

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New TBI Offices

Two new Cashless branches opened in Bulgaria – Stamboliiski and Tryavna in November. There are more locations to be opened or renovated this year which are located in Shumen, Smolyan, Razlog, Rakovski, Berkovitsa, Radnevo, Chirpan, Mezdra, Teteven, Bansko and more. Here is a pic of the new branch in Stamboliiski:

In Romania there will be at least 5 new locations, planned to open in December. Oradeia and Craiova locations will be renovated and now they will be operating as branches. In 3 more cities new cashless branches will open.

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Be Aware of Malware and SPAM

FWD SPAM and attacks emails to Infosec without opening them!

Information security advised us to forward all SPAM and attacks to them, without opening them, remember? Wish there was security email for the untimely bad messages interrupting important meetings and moments of life and somebody else will deal with them, right? Well, at least for work we have it:

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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Elections were hot topic these days and our elections of Christmas Party Theme in Bulgaria are now over, and we have a great topic by the way! This year we will be attending the red carpet and TBI Oscars in Sofia. Great, right! Take out the tuxedo and the evening dress – if you want or shine in your favourite party jeans and shirt is also okay, but probably many of us will be looking astonishing. The best about the Oscars is that we celebrate success and all the things we did good, so we will take you however you are dressed. Date is set, beginning is at 20:00 theme is TBI Oscars and location will be announced very soon. 🙂

We are also looking for a co-host of the event. Our own famous Veselin Dimitrov aka PR Guru will lead but he will need support. If you would like to become our co-host and be involved in our Christmas Party send a 1-3 minutes video with your mobile camera, sharing why you believe you will make a great host to by 29th of November. A professional jury of Veselin and HR will shortlist the candidates and call in the best for the interview for the position.

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 FUNding Talks with LinkedIn 

Fun is stressed because in these events we are really having fun and by the way – we learn a lot. Speaking about learning – after the latest FUNding Talks we have a whole team of Masters in LinkedIn. They joined a workshop „How to become a LinkedIn Master” and it feels that they did become Masters. Over 45 colleagues from Bulgaria, Romania and Vivus joined and now are ready to conquer the Professional Social media. Big thank you to Sarunas Sakalauskas, the Global LinkedIn Lead for Httpool who prepared our own LinkedIn Pros. (And by the way – check our page on LinkedIn – it’s pretty awesome, comment there, and let’s connect! )

More cool topics are around the corner. 😉

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Our Own Town Hall

Here is Petr Baron, during the Town Hall on 12th of November lighting a match of inspiration. You missed the live? Then check the record from the live stream, still open for you!

Have a second look and a thought and share more on what you think about the event on this link:, so that we can improve. Let us know about the topics, the speakers and everything else you are interested to learn more about.

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Vivus Ad

Two “favourite” things: mother-in-law and the car that breaks all the time. Favourite, because it can make you dream of: mother-in-law driven away in your old car, right? 😀 Vivus has new TVC with similar plot and you can watch it here:

Vivus Goes for Happier Customers

Vivus has been collecting Customer feedback in excel and as every excel, there comes the time to be replaced with a smarter system, (sorry Excel, we like you, but you know how it is…)

In September 2019 automation of the process was implemented: SMS campaign was configured to send SMS to customers, who had an interaction with Customer Care team. Additional rules have been applied in order not to burnout the customers with the communication frequency. “As a result, we increased customer satisfaction (CSAT) response rate from 3% to 10,6% and 39,3% from the respondents answered to the open question sharing important insights about the service they have received” told us Zdravko Raychev, Director E-Commerce and Managing Director Vivus BG.

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Together We Can Achieve More

Here is a picture of a lady writing a certificate for TBI Bank HQ who are collecting plastic bottle caps as a part of the national initiative in Bulgaria „Caps for the Future”. In the NGO initiative companies and people collect plastic bottle caps which are then cashed for incubators for babies in remote hospitals.

Back to our story:
So, the lady with the certificates wrote the name of the Bank wrong the first time, and we asked her rewrite it, because we know these things matter. To all who were actively collecting and participating on behalf of the company in this truly great initiative: Well done and congratulations to all who took part! We did well – we had over 35 kilos. Way more to go! Let’s aim for at least 100 next year!

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Write us back

Stay tuned for more news and don’t forget:

“Any fool can know. The point is to understand.”
― Albert Einstein

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