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Dear readers,

Finally, welcome spring! It’s this sunny edition of TBI {Inside}, we have a guest – our Chief Information Officer Andreas Down who has a special message to all of us.

We have lots of media stars this month. We announced our 2017 financial results and plans for accelerated digitalization at a meeting with journalists yesterday (Thursday 18th April). Valentin Galabov and Petr Baron shared earlier in front of the most influential industry magazines – Forbes, how we’re building an organization based on technology and people. Our SVP, E-commerce, Konstantinos Tovil was invited to speak at the Annual Conference “Strategies for e-commerce success”. Our SVP Lean & Innovation, Olga Gulkova, spoke to Bloomberg TV about the latest trends and the future of financial services. We strive to be first amongst peers so we are always at the place to be especially when it comes to e-commerce, tech, online and useful advices for our business – so our E-commerce Team represented us on another great event: The ecom TEAM.

You’ll learn again more security tricks, this time related to ransomware attacks. Hunting for talents, our colleagues rocked another job fair – “Angajatori de top” in Bucharest. We’ll share with you another nice story of a happy customers and how trust in TBI Bank is built.

Oh, what a team we have! So proud to be a part of it.

Best regards,

Desislava Mihova,
Internal Communication Manager


We announced our 2017 financial results and plans for accelerated digitalization

• Year’s end numbers confirm that TBI Bank remains one of the most effective banks on the market
• Consumer lending continues to drive growth
• We are transforming into a next gen digital bank

We announced our 2017 financial results and plans for accelerated digitalization at a meeting with journalists yesterday (Thursday 18th April). Our consolidated financial results for 2017 show that we remain one of the most effective and profitable Bulgarian banks, we have outstanding results in terms of return on assets and return on equity and year-on-year growth on most key financial indicators. The Bank assets increased by 15% to 719 million leva, and net profit – by 19% reaching 38.9 million leva. The return on assets stood at 5.4% and return on equity – at 21%, the return on the working portfolio was 36% and the cost to income ratio – 50%. In 2017, TBI bank achieved record growth: 328 000 contracts were concluded, and retail loans increased by 39%.
At the meeting, our management team presented our strategy for digitalization and our ambition to become a next gen digital lender. We will continue strengthening our offline channels by transforming the IT infrastructure, systems and processes.
“Putting a focus on digital lending, we are aspiring to improve the financial lives of consumers currently underserved by traditional banks or those who prefer a digital relationship with their bank,” said Petr Baron, Managing Director of TBIF Financial Services, the company owner of TBI Bank. Digitalization is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle, and transformation needs to be built into our overall strategy of continuous digital improvement, Petr shared.
This evolution will take place by mixing TBI’s banking experience with fintech know-how and by incorporating the cutting-edge innovations. “Since mobile devices dominate our customers’ lives, we will give them the ability to monitor and control their finances through mobile solutions. We have to earn the right to be on their devices,” he added.
As you already know, we will launch a digital e-commerce platform that will allow customers to apply for credit online with a qualified electronic signature and video identification. “The platform is already successfully working in Romania allowing our customers and commercial network fast application and approval process, 24/7 access and all this – without a single hard copy,” said the Chairman of our Management Board, Valentin Galabov. Learn more for our media coverage – ENG / BG.

Guest Editor’s Corner

Andreas Down “TBI Bank has a great team, talented people & power to be the Next Gen Digital Lender”

Dear Team,

You may have asked yourself in the last couple of weeks what has happened and why I am not at TBI to drive our digital transformation. I am facing a serious health issue which will not allow me to continue to work like I want to work, like you have seen me working, and like TBI Bank deserves the way of working. The recovery process will take between 8 and 12 months and I am handicapped and limited in traveling during this time. I will not be able to deliver my best performance and TBI needs this best performance, power, and capacity.

Therefore I requested to cancel my contract to give TBI management the possibility to find the perfect CIO/CTO who can run and steer the digital transformation in the best possible way.

I totally believe in the success of TBI Bank and hope and wish you all the best on the way to becoming the next generation digital lender. You have a great team, a lot of talent and power to make all this happen. I will be available for you remotely for any questions, to discuss ideas or to solve problems if needed.
I will let you know which communication way we will choose for this information exchange.
Therefore I do not say farewell, I just say goodbye and hope we will stay in touch in one or the other way.

Sincerely yours,


We’re building an organization based on technology and people

We are getting into the habit of reading and hearing more and more about us in the media. TBI Bank was featured in one of the most influential industry magazines – Forbes, in both the Bulgarian and Romanian editions for April.

The Bulgarian edition included an article on us quoting Petr Baron, TBIF CEO and our Chairman of the Management Board – Valentin Galabov on the strategy, digitalization, our financial results and profitability. The article, titled “More with less”, includes a ranking of Bulgarian banks in terms of return on assets where TBI Bank is number one.

“We have the advantage of not carrying the “heavy backpack” – wide branch network, habits, investment in the old banking model. This gives us the possibility to be agile, consistent and focused on the process of fast digitalization,” says Galabov for Forbes Bulgaria.

The Romanian edition features an interview with Petr titled “We’re building an organization based on technology and people”. In the interview, Petr talks about the way to digitalization and mentions some of the digital services that we already provide on the Romanian market: our e-commerce and deposits platforms. He also comments on the latest legislative initiative of the Romanian MPs capping interest rates and how it would affect the financial services market.

“TBI Bank is transforming into an agile organization which adapts to customer needs and improves the lives not only of our current customers but also those underserved by banks and those who prefer a digital relationship with their bank,” says Petr.

Full article here.


Transforming our POS financing with Konstantinos Tovil

You were the first one to know that the Bank recently launched in Romania the first online credit product with video identification and electronic signature to ensure the best experience to customers. The platform brought various benefits – fully digital process, video KYC, paperless with qualified electronic signature, only 14th applications fields, always on – 24/7 approvals in 9 minutes time to “Yes”. In Romania, thousands of applications were received less than a month after the launch. The process is simple, to the point and well understood by the customers as an alternative payment method. The use of latest technologies, anti-fraud tools and fully automated risk engine allows decision-making in seconds. Although the process is not yet on a level of AI, we are preparing for that.

We happily shared this with external audiences too. Our SVP, E-commerce, Konstantinos Tovil was invited to speak at the Annual Conference “Strategies for e-commerce success”. In his key-note Kosta put a focus on the transformation in Point-of-Sale financing and how we drive innovations in this process.

“Our customers can now get a consumer loan online in just a few minutes. It is a matter of time to launch this innovation on the Bulgarian market as well”, Kosta explained.


The future of financial services with Olga Gulkova

We have another media star – our SVP Lean & Innovation, Olga Gulkova, who spoke to Bloomberg TV Bulgaria about the latest trends and the future of financial services. In the weekly TV show Boom & Bust, Olia talked about her participation at Finovate 2018 for which we have shared with you in our previous edition, also about fintech, AI, blockchain technologies, digital banking and automation. She also discussed the innovations at TBI Bank such as digital identification and our e-commerce platform. You can find out more on in the video here.

The place to be with our E-Comm Team

We strive to be first amongst peers so we are always at the place to be especially when it comes to e-commerce, tech, online and usefull advices for our business. The ecomTEAM (28th & 29th of March, Lux Divina, Brasov) – Maximizing eCommerce Conference was all about interaction & immediate solutions. Being an extremely valuable networking opportunity with 100% focus on business, it gathered together top local and international speakers, online stores of all sizes, the newest eCommerce launches and top service providers. Exclusively market studies were presented about the state of the local eCommerce market, complete with debates and increased interaction with the audience.

Ionut Cristea and Konstantins Tovil, who presented TBI Bank, shared that they love to see how the market evolves, to interact with other players, to exchange know-how and to share stories. They saw the ecomTEAM not as an interaction between competitors but a tool to lift up the industry standards and the exchange of knowledge.

“It was a real pleasure to meet existing or future partners, plus many experts from various sectors of online industry. Always, such events are helping us, the players of the ecosystem, to understand the new trends and directions of our business” said Ionut Cristea, Head of Business Development on E-commerce team. “As conclusions, e-commerce in Romania will keep the accelerated pace and for 2018 the assumption is for 3.5 to 4 billion EUR turnover. This year the focus will remain on customer experience and we saw more detailed and elaborated tactics which at the end are touching the main goal, higher conversion rate. Online marketing, SEO, analytics and UX are few of the key drivers that are supporting e-commerce environment.”


TBI Bank: N1 even on the banking fast track

In our December edition we’ve invited 3 participants to represent the Bank in the 2018 Banking ski fest. This year the interest in this event was huge! 120 participants from 16 banks! Lots of media representatives attended the event too. And who’s the winner?
Our team proved once again we can rock! Evgenia Dimitrova-Gontcheva, Senior Specialist Payments, got the gold both in parallel and giants slalom.

‘I’m very thankful for having this great opportunity to represent the Bank in this prestigious competition. This was a big responsibility and I did my best. So the GOLD is ours! We are N1 in ladies disciplines’ shares our gold medalist.

Asked what is the key for success in life, work and sport, Jeni happily shares ‘I’m a competitive person, both in work and sport, I want to be N1 but most of all I love my job and everything I do, I do it with real passion.’

Evgenia was interviewed for the media as well, find out what she shares here.


We rocked the job fair Angajatori de top in Bucharest

A total number of 130 companies attended the career fair Angajatori de Top at Sala Palatului, Bucharest. According to the organizers, the current edition presented 6,000 career opportunities and it’s the largest edition in the last 11 years, both as number of attending companies, as well as number of jobs.

Our HR collegues Viviana Stoican and Doina Popescu, and Nicoleta Chirita from Call Center represented the Bank with the support from collegues from other teams – Collection (Viorel Anghel), Enforcement (Ramona Ciubotaru), Sales (Lucian Stan), PR (Nicoleta Pavel). 400 CVs entered our data base. This year showed a trend of many students trying to get internship, mostly IT.

With nicely branded stand, we were positioning ourselves as preferred employer of choice offering career opportunities for experienced candidates, sharing positions such as Campaign Manager, Compliance Officer, Jr. Procurement Officer, Operations Officer, SME Relationship Manager, Loan Administrator, Collection Officer. For entry-level candidates, we offered Call Center positions like Customer Relationship Officer and Telesales Officer.

Within the event over 35 workshops and conferences took place, out of which 4 for innovations in technologies: Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence Conference, Internet of Things & Automotive, Web & Cloud Technologies Conference, The Future of Tech”. Also, the candidates got some cool Next Gen gifts from TBI Bank like bluetooth speakers, powerbanks, and headphones.

“The jobs fair was a good opportunity for us, especially in what concerns the exposure to the market, and building the brand as a cool place to work” said our HR collegues, Viviana and Doina.


Ransomware attacks

Let’s continue our security talk, today we share a bit more about ransomware is a subset of malware in which the data on a victim’s computer is locked, typically by encryption, and payment is demanded before the ransomed data is decrypted and access returned to the victim. The motive for ransomware attacks is nearly always monetary, and unlike other types of attacks, the victim is usually notified that an exploit has occurred and is given instructions for how to recover from the attack. Payment is often demanded in a virtual currency, such as bitcoin, so that the cybercriminal’s identity isn’t known.

How to recognize a Ransomware attack:

All our files are not accessible. When we try to open them they appear in really strange format.

What to do:

NEVER pay the ransom
NEVER reboot the machine
Report immediately to IT and Security
NEVER open attached files from suspicious email.
NEVER follow up link of suspicious email


“I trust in you!” thank you letter

We’d like to share with you another good story of a happy customer proving once again that we are not only preferred partners but also problem solving partners always ready to help.

We have received a really touching thank you letter from Atanas Bektashev- a loyal customer who has been using our lending service 3 times. It turned out that an EasyPay officer has mistaken just 1 figure in his number and …his regular monthly payments on a credit have been transferred somewhere else.

As in Velingrad we don’t have an office, a collegue of ours (name not mentioned, but our secret sources say it’s with the support of our Partners network team – Plovdiv Region) has been that kind to travel and go directly to the shop and solve this issue.

“I’m a regular and correct in my monthly payments and for the future I’ll continue to be your client as in TBI work real professionals and most of all – PEOPLE, whom I trust in difficult and happy moments in my life.”

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at and become our next Guest editor, send us some interesting stories and facts, share your happy customer story, or just let us know what do you want to learn from us.

Write us back

at and become our next Guest editor, send us some interesting stories and facts, share your happy customer story, or just let us know what do you want to learn from us.