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Dear readers,

Sun is shining more brightly, spirits are getting higher, so is our TBI {Inside} mood, so refresh yourself with some summer insights.

Do you want to hear the secrets for the success of key opinion leaders – politicians, successful entrepreneurs, actors, sportsmen? Come and visit the second season of the FunDing Talks, extend your knowledge and share a blended tea & fresh croissant with our kind hosts – the Funding team.

You’ll also hear what the ‘Sound of money’ is saying and who says that in the future banks will become something like mobile apps – if you do not like the service, you will easily be able to switch from one to another quickly. We’ll find out what was this month’s the place to be – The first annual Fintech Summit, and what it was all about.

You’ll learn more about the fist B2B campaign that TBI Bank is launching, already on the go in Romania! As real innovators, our recruiters from the HR team helped applicants get connected from anywhere in the world, taking part in the only Bulgarian online career event – Virtual Career Days.

We’ll be also running with our 10 active colleagues in Bucharest – the city of joy, the city of running. The Bucuresti Half marathon did not scare the brave ones who showed they are ready to go the extra mile not only in our working environment. On the1 st of June – the international children’s day, we’ll share a story about our best brand ambassadors – our own kids.

When vacation moods are conquering us, you may want to increase your productivity 😉 We’ll give you some clues to becoming a Productivity Ninja. As a beginning, just worry less, achieve more & love what you do!

Stay cool, stay tuned!

Best regards,
Desislava Mihova


FunDing Talks – the second season opened!

Our Funding team of innovators opened the second season of their great initiative – FunDing Talks.  Organized on regular basis, in a cozy and informal environment, the ’FunDing Talks’ are meetings between staff and a visiting guest speaker, either internal or external, who are presenting business-related topics or such of interest to the team. Now our funding fellows are extending the talks inviting friends from other teams to benefit the event, boost team spirit and cross-departmental relations. The first ’Talks’ season enjoyed high interest, the second one had even more promising start with Konstantinos Tovil, our SVP E-commerce, being a guest, who helped us extend our knowledge on what the Bank is doing in the E-commerce field. The ’Talks’ were well attended by friends from E-commerce team, HR,  IT & Operations, Retail, and broadcasted to colleagues in Romania, and plan to extend the format inviting key opinion leaders – politicians, successful entrepreneurs, actors, sportsmen.

Curious to know more? Come and visit the next ones, extend your knowledge and share a blended tea & fresh croissant. Stay tuned for more to come 😉


Banks will be like mobile apps for their customers

Nikolay Spasov, our COO, participated at the 9th Annual Conference “Sound of Money”, organized in Sofia on the 22nd– 23rd May. He was invited among the leading panelists of the forum.

The first edition of the event took place in 2010. Over the past five years, major Bulgarian and foreign financial experts and economists have taken part in the forum. „The Sound of Money” draws the interest of the leading financiers in Bulgaria, who are attending the event every year. At the beginning of 2015, the forum was presented with an award by the Bulgarian Stock Exchange, recognizing it as the event that promoted the Bulgarian capital market in the best way in 2014.

“We will make our customers’ lives more comfortable and add value for them. In the future banks will become something like mobile apps. If you do not like the service, you will easily be able to switch from one to another quickly.” – this was the bold message Nikolay sent at the forum. According to him, digitization will still be the major topic in the years to come.
“We at TBI Bank invest in digitalization of processes in order to meet both the regulatory requirements and the rising expectations of our customers. This holistic approach is helping us become a next generation digital bank”, he added.

Find out more HERE.


The first annual Fintech Summit

The financial industry faces the challenge to innovate at its fastest pace ever, mostly due to the growth of fintech and the changes in consumer behavior and preferences. The pressure to innovate has driven financial companies to move many aspects of their business to the next level in order to stay relevant and top-of-mind. However, any type of change requires not only implementing new technologies but also a profound change in the mindset. The first annual FinTech Conference held 2 days ago in Sofia presented how Fintech will reshape the future of financial services in the region.

We were proud partners of this important inaugural event with the participation of Petr Baron, our CEO TBIF, joining the first panel on FinTech Market Expectation and Practical Trends. As a beginning, all participants in this panel had to briefly present themselves (watch the video below) followed by discussions how deep is the impact of new technologies in the game of the fintech industry and its stakeholders. They also shared their insights on what should the end customers expect in the foreseeable future.

The two key takeaways according to Petr, are:

CUSTOMER CENTRICITY, not Product Centricity (the way all banks currently work) and ECOSYSTEM.

“We can be both a plug and play product for underbanked as a service provider on different marketplaces

and create our own in parallel starting from the App.” he added.

Please review McKinsey & Company presentation (Ecosystem 2025: The integrated network economy and ways to play it) confirming our strategic view of the way banking world will be shaped to embrace the customer-centric approach.

The future is here and it can’t wait – exciting times and a lot of work ahead.


The 1st b2b E-commerce campaign in Romania

The first B2B campaign that TBI Bank is launching, is already on the go in Romania! With the main purpose to support the expansion of our eCommerce business and run from 28th May to 7th July, we are targeting mainly the users that often visit entrepreneurial sites and with an expressed interest in eCommerce and online payments. The campaign runs online on the following channels –Google Display, Google Search ads, social media ads and the popular Programmatic buying.

What’s that? If we or our business uses online advertising, we may have heard people raving about how programmatic ads have changed the landscape. Programmatic ad buying, put simply, is the use of software to buy digital advertising. Whereas the traditional method includes requests for proposals, tenders, quotes and human negotiation, programmatic buying uses machines and algorithms to purchase display space.

Happy sales to the e-commerce team!


Virtual career days

Get connected from anywhere in the world!
Our colleagues from the HR team took part in the only Bulgarian online career event – Virtual Career Days, which took place on May 16, 2018. Within five hours, Antonio, Graciela, and Silvia had a live chat with highly motivated and well-educated young people. The candidates themselves chose which company to communicate with and we are happy that TBI Bank, with its ambitious development plans, has attracted a strong interest.

This event brought the positive features of everything digital – communication for a short time, live, from a convenient place and with candidates from anywhere in the world. More than 30 candidates took the chance for short interviews with the company’s representatives and three of them are already in the process of selection. By participating, we helped many young people to learn about our interesting positions and ambitious projects and to discover their dream position, meanwhile, we quickly and easily found new talents to join our teams.

Watch the video how it works, HERE.


Run in Bucharest – City of Joy. City of Running

Supporting active lifestyle culture, at the beginning of the year, we’ve invited all of you to take part in the Bucuresti Half marathon. We had 10 brave participants who showed they are ready to go the extra mile not only in our working environment. With the slogan RunInBucharest – City of Joy. City of Running, the half marathon got around 10.000 participants from all over the world. The weather was good for running, the atmosphere was amazing. Our colleagues did their best and besides the competition feeling, they had a great fun.

Our SME Relationship Manager – Robert Radu ran the10 km category with success. The E-commerce team – Costas Tovil, Ionut Cristea and Alexandru Cojocaru, were listed in the first 70s out of 460 teams! The TBI Gold team – Ciprian Tanase – Bancassurance Director, and Cristina Nicula – Operations Officer, also managed to finish. The Dorobanti Wolves team – Razvan Ionescu – SME Relationship Manager, Daniel Stoian – SME Relationship Manager, and Olivia Pal – Call Center Manager, did not lose their high spirit and proved that being a team always wins.

All our colleagues wore the TBI Be Active sticker on their back and they received TBI branded gift. Congrats to all of you, guys, the one that dare!


Next Gen brand ambassadors: our kids

Who are our best brand ambassadors? Get the answer today, 1st of June – the international children’s day. What a better confirmation that we’re best examples to follow for our children, that loving our job is contagious than when your own kid runs a school project to promote our Bank. Kristyana, the12-years old daughter of our Regional manager, Galina Djambazova, supported by 2 other classmates made this fancy marketing campaign for TBI Bank in relation with an educational project and got the higher grades at school. By their own initiative, the girls visited one of our POS to make the pics accompanied by a video. They received branded TBI gifts to help them further progress in their smartphones video making.

Have a look at their TBI Family project!


Become a Productivity Ninja

Do you want to increase your productivity? Here’s the clue to become a productivity Ninja: worry less, achieve more & love what you do! Find out what Nir Eyal (a Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author – Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products) has summarized for you after many years of research on the topic:


Get information out of your head


Simplify the information you have


No one is good at it. But you can always learn


Lighten up the cognitive load and take it easy


Certain types of breaks enhance focus while others drain you


Finding ways to work smarter is a never-ending process, but there some tips that may help

Become a real productivity Ninja – get the hacks to get more done to learn how HERE.

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Write us back

at and become our next GUEST EDITOR, send us some interesting stories and facts, share your talent or hobby, or just let us know what do you want to learn from us.