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Dear colleagues,

What a strange summer we’re experiencing – so much rain, so little sun, and the World Cup fun is also over.

But TBI Inside is here to warm you up, set the tiny umbrella on your summer cocktail or bring back the memories of the World Cup.

But first things first – the Germans! Ok, this time they didn’t get the cup, but they are getting TBI Bank! We have started our European expansion and are now offering fixed-term deposits in Germany. This will help us diversify and optimise our funding sources. You’ll now read more about our expansion to the German deposits market.

Now, going back to football. TBI Bank had its representatives on the final between France and Croatia. Not on the pitch and, no, you couldn’t see them on TV (even with VAR), but our colleagues Denis Gorbunov and Lukas Tursa were indeed in the crowd, both with pints of beer in their hands. Luckily, they managed to take some selfies too, and took the time to share the experience from the football fest with us.

You’ll also hear about “The future of mobile payment in Romania” and who talked about the importance of these changes for clients’ lives.

A rainy summer forces us all to stare more in the screens, so why not use this time to boost our network on LinkedIn – the social media must for professionals. We’ve prepared some background info on how to use the network, some hacks on how to improve your profile – and one common goal for all of us to reach!

Stay tuned!


Corporate Communications


TBI Bank is live on Raisin

A key milestone for TBI Bank was reached in July. We have started our European expansion and are now offering fixed-term deposits in Germany. TBI Bank has received passportisation for providing banking services in the EU member state with the approval from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) to conduct banking business in Germany.

This is another example of how we implement our strategy to offer customers seamless digital experience with managing their finances. After successfully launching a digital channel for attracting deposits in Romania last year, now we’re targeting the biggest savings market in Europe in partnership with Raisin – a rapidly expanding pan-European marketplace for savings and investment products.

“By operating on one of the most economically sound and stable markets in the EU, TBI Bank will have access to stable funding and will further diversify and optimise its funding sources. Customers, on the other hand, will have a wider choice of deposits offers at competitive rates”, said Lukas Tursa, SVP, Head of Funding of TBI Bank.

Congratulations and many thanks to all team involved for making this next gen move with Raisin possible!


World Cup’s final – and TBI Bank was there!

Now on the football note. Our colleagues Denis Gorbunov and Lukas Tursa were indeed in the crowd on the World Cup final, both flagging pints of beer in their hands. They managed to take some selfies (in case you don’t trust us) and took some time to share the experience from the football fest with TBI Inside.

So how did you guys manage to get the tickets?

D: It was very difficult to get the tickets, especially for the Final. We tried several times through various ways to no avail, but thankfully being local helps as you know where to ask.
L: We planned well, having different scenarios to make sure at least one of them would work out. And it did.

What was the experience like? Half of the world is watching on TV what you can see right in front.

D: For me personally it was quite the experience. I am from Moscow, so seeing how things had changed over the years and additionally thanks to the World Cup was a big thing. You could see guys from Peru, Colombia, Mexico…
L: Some from Bulgaria, Romania too! But during the Final itself, Croatia was dominating the crowd in terms of numbers. Incredible support from their side.
D: Absolutely. For me, it was fantastic to see people from all over the world – cheering, hugging everywhere.

Lukas, and how was it for you?

L: Well, the last time I was in Moscow was 25 years ago. Obviously things were much different then, and I was positively surprised this time. Firstly, the organisers had really done their best to create a festive vibe. As a foreigner going to another country, you would normally have to go through numerous bureaucratic procedures that might spoil the experience. This time it was very easy. And beautifully organised too. Must admit I was on the look-out for bears with balalaikas but didn’t see any (apart from that one time when we went a karaoke bar with Denis).
D: Yes, I believe they eased visa requirements for people coming to Russia for the World Cup through the Fan-IDs (special permits available to World Cup ticket holders), that’s why you could see people from everywhere. It was a unifying experience.

And is it different to experience such a game live on the stadium versus live on TV?

D: Absolutely, no questions asked. You are amid these emotions when you are there. The stadium is divided in halves and you the adrenaline you get is through the roof.
L: Watching the game live on TV is big enough of a deal. But watching the World Cup Final live on the stadium is life-changing when it comes to sports experience. Needless to say, you have crowd tensions that can get pretty heated during the game, but after that they cool off and you can see everyone enjoying themselves. Also, we got to see the full Pussy Riot performance on the pitch!

Lastly, we know that a lot of people were betting – internally and externally. How did betting affect your team and who won from your department?

D: Betting via the “totalisator”, as we call it, significantly increased interest in the entire World Cup from Finance and some other departments in the bank. About 25 people gave their predictions about the games and points were allocated to different people based on successful guesses. In total we had three winners, so they took all the money from the Contributions Fund. The lucky ones are Boryana S. Haymanova, Kirill Samsonov and Sirin Dobreva.
L: In my team, we took betting to the next level, as we used platforms and other tools to make real bets. You don’t play, but this is a good perception of the game through leveraging your knowledge of football with some calculated adjustment to your gut feeling. The winner from our side is, of course, Niki Grancharov, our Head of Investment Intermediary Unit, and we’re grateful that with the money he won, he bought some banitzas for the team.


4finance, one of the “best kept secrets in Fintech”, introduced a new CEO

As of August 1st 2018, Oyvind Oanes will lead 4finance Group S.A. as Group CEO. A proven consumer finance leader, he succeeds Mark Ruddock, who will return to the Group’s supervisory board after his agreed term as CEO.

Oanes joins the Group from the occupation as CEO of Numbrs Personal Finance AG, a Fintech consumer banking platform with growing operations in Germany and the UK. A native Norwegian, Oanes has nearly two decades of experience in retail banking and has held senior roles across Europe, including building a consumer finance business for GE Capital in Russia, leading the turnaround of Austria’s Bawag PSK’s retail banking business and running Raiffeisen Bank International’s multi-country online bank ZUNO.

TBI Bank‘s teams in Bulgaria and Romania welcome Oyvind Oanes and are excited about the future collaboration with such an experienced leader.


“We are becoming fast, convenient and customer-focused”

TBI Bank’s strive to become the Next Generation Digital Lender starts from the inside of the organisation. That is what Petr Baron, our CEO of TBIF (TBI Bank) explained in an interview for the online edition of the influential Bulgarian Manager magazine.

What is your dream for TBI Bank over the next 5 years, Petr was asked by Manager.

“We have a vision of how we believe the banking services are going to develop in the next five to ten years. It is a phenomenal opportunity for TBI Bank and we want to play a very strong role in the changes of the financial services environment. Тhe customer will always be the focus of all our actions. All banks have to understand that the times where they were simply pushing products to customers are over. I will be happy if in five years’ time, we at TBI Bank, offer our clients quick, convenient and accessible solutions over all channels – traditional and digital”, Petr answered.

You can read the whole interview here.


Here come the contactless payments

Time is money, and we as banking professionals know that better than anyone. That’s why from July onwards we will be offering Mastercard’s most advanced cards for contactless payments to our customers and, of course, to all of us – employees.

“The phased reissuance of cards for all cardholders begins as of July 2018 and each customer will be personally notified”, Nikolay Spasov, our Chief Operations Officer said. “The latest generation of contactless cards are the Gold and Platinum series of the international payments system. We are happy to offer our customers the most technologically advanced and secure products on the market with the aim of improving their financial experience”.

The Mastercard Gold and Platinum cards offer contactless payments for up to 25 BGN, are fully chipped to ensure maximum security, and offer access to emergency assistance anywhere in the world.


Bringing a major transformation into customers’ lives

Costas Tovil, our SVP e-Commerce, participated at the event “The future of mobile payments in Romania” on July 12th. He was invited by Auka, Norwegian fintech company, to talk about mobile payments and TBI Bank’s experience going digital on the Romanian market.

As Costas and his team launched the first 100% digital e-commerce platform on the Romanian market, he is for sure a voice to be heard in this field and his opinions are relevant for the industry.

Costas underlined the importance of change, but not for the change’s; rather for the sake of bringing a major transformation into clients’ lives.

“We, at TBI Bank, are about to develop a mobile app that will allow mobile payments, but not only that. We are thinking of a solution that is able to secure clients’ loyalty, an integrated solution that can help clients make a financial plan, but also obtain an instant loan in case they don’t have the necessary funds”.

He was in good company in the face of Revolut’s representative, Mrs. Irina Scarlat (Country Manager), APERO’s Mr. Geroge Anghel (Executive Director), and AUKA’s CEO and founder, Daniel Doderlain. The event was hosted by Razvan Enache, journalist at Wall-Street.


LinkedIn explained

What’s different about LinkedIn compared to other social media? And how could LinkedIn work for us as TBI Bank? You’ll get all the necessary info in a nutshell in the next few lines.

LinkedIn is all about professionals, all about jobs, corporate news, brands, keeping in touch with people with strong influence.

LinkedIn makes the process of showing TBI Bank’s corporate culture and helps us distinguish ourselves from other banks easily. That’s why each of us should have a LinkedIn profile – not having one is really a sign of poor professionalism. Then, let’s be smart about it and use it to share information on TBI Bank with our LinkedIn contacts. This shows that we are happy with what we are doing and want to give that feeling to our network as well.

So, let’s make our LinkedIn profiles more interesting and informative for our network. Here are a couple tips and tricks that you can use to make your profile more successful:

Make the best of your profile

LinkedIn is indeed very clever and leads you through the process on how to make your profile better. A hint – having a picture is a good way to start!

Strive to grow the biggest network possible

On a conceptual basis, LinkedIn not only allows you to, but encourages you to approach people you’ve never met before. It’s all about professional networking online.

Engage in activities

Like, comment, show to the professional world that you are interested in various stuff – this could only help you and your company.

To sum up – let’s all get involved with LinkedIn and become ambassadors of our brand. Your likes, comments and shares are the social media tools to measure success there. 577 followers on our corporate profile in Bulgaria and 188 in Romania are not bad, but let’s join forces to reach the 1.000 hallmark in both countries.

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at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.

Write us back

at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.