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Dear colleagues,

For most of us, the summer holidays are over and we’re back in the office tanned and fresh, ready for the challenges of the new season (and, damn, the long sleeves).
Fresh is the motto of this edition of TBI {Inside}, plenty of positive changes are happening around us – new website, new logo, new colleagues. We strongly believe that all this will have a positive effect on our customers’ perception of the company. Our new look will help position us to the outside world as the innovative and forward thinking company we are.

So – where’s the orange ellipse? After a lot of discussions and analysis, we took a decision to throw it down the Danube and make the logos more simple and clean. It was seen last, swimming between Oryahovo and Bechet. So long, ellipse – we strongly believe that our refreshed look will have a positive effect on our customers’ perception of the brand and will help position us as an innovative and forward thinking company.

To say goodbye in a proper way we let the old logo one last standing ovation and published it on a picture in the Bulgaria Air magazine. Ok, it was just a background for a picture of Petr Baron, our CEO of TBIF. He was featured on the cover of the magazine and spoke about our strategy for the future. Great read, take your time for it.

In this edition, you’ll also learn more about the consolidation of and to Romania in the near future. You’ll also hear about “The new visions in HR” and who spoke about the future of recruitment.

Our internal campaign ‘Be active with TBI” runs full speed! We’re setting up a 42km challenge for you – the Bucharest Marathon is upcoming and in an already established tradition, TBI Bank will have its own team. Want to run, too – you’ll find more at the end of the edition.

Stay tuned!

Internal & Corporate Communications Team


4finance decided to consolidate lending activities in Romania under TBI Bank

Considering the upcoming regulation for non-banking financial institutions in Romania, the management of our mother company, 4finance, has a serious concern about the ability of its subsidiaries and to keeping a sustainable and growing business, providing stable job opportunities for its employees and for the service quality it provides to its customers.

As a consequence of the above, the decision was taken to consolidate 4finance’s business in Romania under TBI 4finance’s with respective changes in the and offering. The Country Manager Ionut Badiu has already announced the news to his team last week. 4finance’s aim is to find new opportunities for as many colleagues as possible within TBI Group as well as within the broader Group. This part of the consolidation process is yet to be assessed and discussed in full detail. The customers of and will be migrated to TBI, which is going to be carefully and effectively handled by TBI and the Zaplo Customer Care departments.

In an internal message to our colleagues at and, Oyvind Oanes, 4finance’s CEO said: “Acting responsibly as a business also means that we sometimes have to make emotionally tough decisions. The changing regulatory environment has a significant influence on our industry – and we have to adjust our operating model accordingly to ensure we stay compliant while still maintaining a successful business. Keeping up with our vision to be a global consumer finance company of tomorrow, for our clients and for our people, we have to do our work well irrespective of difficulties we face on our way forward. On behalf of the management of 4finance Group, I thank our 4finance Romania team and all who have dedicated their hard work during the past years to develop and”


Borderless future or how tech is the new visa pass for foreign markets

Talking about the future is not easy, especially when it comes to finance – we like to rely on data because of the perceived certainty it gives us. Combining data and expertise makes predictions even more likely to happen. Featured on the September cover of Bulgaria on Air’s magazine, our CEO Petr Baron (looking sharp, Petr), uses both. Answering the clever questions of the magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Petr talks about the Bank’s evolution as the next gen digital lender enabled by the utilization of the latest tech solutions for the banking sector. “TBI Bank’s vision for the future is to remain ever more focused on customers’ evolving daily needs, which serve as the basis for the financial universe we live in”, he says. Read the full interview in one breath HERE.


The ellipse is gone, or how TBI Bank got a refreshed logo

Knowing when a change is due is difficult. As a future-oriented bank with a serious digital credo, change is a constant for us. And today is one of those times when something fresh is due: We begin the phased adjustment to our refreshed logo. Our goal is to better resonate with customer preferences and take a step forward towards our digital transformation.

Our priority is to remain focused on customers and our promise is to become the next generation digital lender. To ensure we are in line with that, we brought on board Toby and Gavin from London, whose design portfolio boast financial brands from various countries in Europe and Asia. Together with them, we spent numerous hours discussing current design and user experience trends out there to refresh our brand identity. We wanted to align the refreshed identity with upcoming high-tech banking solutions that are ever more applicable to our customers’ needs. The task was much like the previous sentence: Long and strenuous. Over the course of several months, we considered various ideas to become more recognizable in reference to our next gen promise, while not at the expense of perceived customer trust.

The brand refreshment includes the removal of the ellipse, as well as putting “TBI” in bold. The implementations are in line with the marketing study we conducted in order to continue conveying reliability. Combining cutting-edge design techniques with our partners from London and localized research, we came up with an easy-to-recognize visual identity that plays well with preferences on the local market, while not overdoing it to ensure no confusion is caused for our customers.

The phased change of the logo starts with our digital channels and it includes TBI Bank in Bulgaria and Romania, аs well as TBI Credit and TBI Leasing in Romania.

As you’ve already noticed, we’ve updated all our internal communication channels too so we stay tuned. More to come.


Our new website is live

Today we speak with a  member of the website make it happen team – Deyana Gancheva, our Digital Marketing Manager.

Deya, we are all very happy with our new website. Can you take us through the changes and its main features?

The important changes are not so much on the front-end – the visible part, but rather in the way, we can manage the website. Of course, the design is refreshed and aligned with the new brand-book and we have kept the idea for simplicity. However, the greatest advantage we now have is that we are more flexibile with marketing activities. We can easily update and optimize the website content and build new pages on the go. Still, we have a lot of thing to do. A good website should be a living thing and we will continue to work on improvements, to make sure we make the website the best it can be.

The design looks very easy on the eye. What is the concept behind it?

We wanted a design that would support our claim for digital transformation, so we adopted the latest trends in the way digital products are presented. The layouts, the illustrations style, the colors – everything is inspired by the best practices from innovative, technology companies and fintechs.

What were the challenges in the process and what did you learn from it?

One of the most vibrant experiences I had was the process of aligning and adapting to different requirements.  We have very diverse teams and people who are truly passionate about what they do and this is great, but it is also a challenge. We also had some technical challenges that are specific to our organization. I think the most valuable lessons for me ware in learning how the company works and how to navigate in its environment.

Is there a specific feature that makes you particularly happy?

I see the launch of this new tool as the beginning of what we would like to achieve. There are so many things that we would try and do and now we are a lot closer to being able to do so swiftly.

Finally, what was the team involved in the project? Can you still talk to each other now that the website is live?

The design and the CMS (Content Management System) were developed by Anagrama – our web design and development agency. The entire marketing team was deeply involved and we tried to work as much as possible with the businesses and PR to refresh the content. We also had great support from IT. Diverse teams, as I said :). And yes, we can talk to each other even better 😉 I would really like to thank everyone for the support and involvement!


Meet the visionary!

A representative from our HR team was a guest speaker at the largest international HR conference in Slovakia – New Visions in HR 2018, held in Bratislava. For the 11th consecutive year, the forum brings together professionals from different European markets and industries to discuss innovation and new trends in human resources.

In his presentation, Antonio Grigorov (Recruitment and Employer Branding manager), described how the labor market has changed over the years, with the introduction of new approaches and techniques in the recruitment that upgrade traditional models in accordance with the contemporary realities and business needs.

“Shifting demographics, the rise of individual choice and ‘candidate driven’ approach, the tech revolution, clients sophistication and the dawn of data are the key indicators that shape labor market trends today,” he explained to the audience. Technologies help companies adapt faster to the new realities and make it easier to find talents for the right positions.

The penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the recruitment process was among the highlights of the presentation. “AI draws the line between the candidates applied and the right candidate for the job,” Antonio said. Asked by the audience how we implement these Next Gen methods at TBI Bank, he noted that the bank is working actively on the automation of processes through the implementation and improvement of Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software and by the end of the year a special chatbot will be added to it.

“This helps us make it easier and quicker to schedule interviews, appointments, give a quick feedback that saves time on both sides. With the capabilities of this system, candidates can control what happens with their personal data, which is also very important in the context of GDPR.”

Go on, HR team!


On October 13-14th, we have a marathon in Bucharest! And our participation in the Bucharest Marathon is becoming a tradition. This is the second time and we won’t stop here. And this is because active life means well-being and good mood. As part of our internal campaign “Be active”, we are looking again for long and very long distance, but also small distance runners.

  • If you trained very, but very hard, we are waiting for your registration for the 42, 195 km race.
  • If you trained very well, we are waiting for your registration for the 21,097 km race. if you trained well enough to finish the 10 km race, please be our guest.
  • And for those who run only to catch the tram, please register for the 3 km popular race.

The call is open for all TBI employees both Romania and Bulgaria. Custom-made t-shirts are on us.

Deadline for submission of applications – 26th September 2018.

Please submit your request for participation to the captain of the team, our colleague Nicoleta Pavel HERE

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at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.

Write us back

at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.