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Dear colleagues,

The season of hot tea, baked pumpkin, and running noses, is here. But it’s somehow cozy, eh? Grab a cup of blended tea and find out what we have for you. Positive is the clue word of this autumn edition of TBI Inside.

Meet our special guest, positive and dynamic, who has joined our great family of top talents just 3 days ago. In the Guest Editor’s Corner, we talk with Ena Badeanu, our new Chief People Officer who was that kind to help us learn more about her personality, future role, and preliminary plans.

You will find out what the Chairman of our Board, Valentin Galabov, thinks about the challenge of fintech companies, all this in an interesting interview for the media. We’ll meet again our charity angel, Kristina Petkova and find what she has to share with us. It’s obviously an edition for meeting nice positive people as we present you the pioneer in our internship program – Elena Georgieva from Varna.

The young team of our call center in Sofia has what to show off with – their refreshed working environment with motivating quotes, so let’s see how these help their daily work. And last but not at least, to meet our football stars and check out how well they have performed so far.

Stay tuned!

Internal & Corporate Communications Team


Ena Badeanu, our new Chief People Officer: 

It’s all about the People

Today we have a special guest who has joined our great family of top talents just 3 days ago. Please welcome Ena Badeanu, our new Chief People Officer (CPO). Positive and dynamic, Ena is a supportive and reliable person who managed to build a successful career driven by her core values in life: integrity, respect, professionalism, and teamwork. Ena started her career in banking as reporting officer in Finance. She gradually moved into managerial roles in payments, credit administration, risk management, branch network operations.

Having good people skills as a manager, extensive experience and understanding of the business, and a strong belief that people are the core of success for any organization, she progressed her career journey in Human Resources. Since then, for more than 16 years she has been a valuable partner for the businesses as HR Director with ABN AMRO, then for few years with a local Romanian bank and for the last 2 years with UK start-up fintech company in Romania.

Ena was that kind to help us learn more about her personality, future role, and preliminary plans.

  1. Ena, what made you join TBI Bank and what are your first impressions after 3 days spent with us?

My whole professional life has been within the banking industry, so I experienced the dynamics of this sector from inside, its ups and downs, enjoying the enthusiasm for growth and feeling the post crisis pains. Banking and financial industry have reached the stage when it needs to make a huge transformation in the way they do their business. TBI understands the need for transformation, has formulated the vision for the future and already started the journey towards its digital transformation.

These days I interacted with many people, at all levels, and I noticed the general attitude: professional, open and dynamic. This is good, as the “can do” attitude, together with a clear business vision are critical ingredients for success. Transformation is quite a complex process and not at all easy, but good premises for a successful journey are here, and I am very happy to be part of the team who makes it happen.

  1. What would you do as first priorities to ensure the HR team’s objectives are aligned with our strategic goals?

HR’s main objectives should always be building business success and ensuring the best working environment that motivates and engages our People. With this in mind, we first need to make sure we have a clear understanding of business strategy, objectives, needs and challenges. We need to make sure we establish with each business line two-way communication channels, always open and fast, to enable us at any moment to support and be proactive in providing them solutions, so that they that recognize HR as a reliable business partner. We need to be innovative and think out of the box, keep the pace with technology and use it to identify and develop tools and channels for a better support at all levels.

  1. What does CPO stand for?

CPO as I see it has the ability to wear many hats: the strategic partner for the management team, the leader of a team of HR professionals, the consultant and advisor for business lines, the promoter of the culture and environment that enables the best possible way of working. And has the availability to pull up the sleeves and work hand in hand with the team to do what needs to be done always bearing in mind that it’s all about the People.

  1. If you have to use 3 words to describe the role of the CPO in our organization, what would those be?

Understand. Develop. Support.

  1. Tells us more about who is Ena in daily life and what boosts up your energy?

I am an “early bird” and I start my day with few minutes of yoga. It helps to put mind and body in action and activates the energy for the day. I do believe we can choose our attitude, so every day I choose to be positive. And it works even when I have to deal with all kind of situations. I take my energy from small little things that surround us, just waiting to be noticed and I am always willing to share my good energy with other people.


Banks accept the challenge of the fintech companies

The Chairman of our Board, Valentin Galabov, recently gave an interview for the Tvoyat Business (Your Business) magazine, where he talked about banks and their special relationship with new tech. Mr. Galabov outlined banks adaptation to new tech offers in terms of internal adaptation, as we as product innovation.

The interview stresses the importance of fintech for the banking sector and gives insight into TBI Bank’s unique selling points on the market.

“We believe that the main feature of the financial services that we provide including lending, is the convenience,” said Valentin.

If you’re keen to read a comprehensive write-up about what’s the main decision-making aspect when it comes to the Bank’s products and services, how we go about the digital era and what sets us apart from the competition, check out the full interview.


Charity in our hearts

We believe in good causes and bring life to our values on a daily basis! As a socially responsible organization, we have proven this fact many times by participating in various social activities. Inspired by the success of the first internal campaign, we supported for a second time the well-known initiative that did not require much but saves a number – Bottles’ caps for the future, supporting health care needs of children in need.  As a tradition already, “collectors” for the bottles’ caps were organized, positioned on each floor at our headquarter’s office in Sofia. Thanks to all of you who contributed!

For just a few hours, on the 29th Sept, the organizers gathered a few tons in Sofia which is enough for buying a medical equipment for newly borns for the state hospital in a small town! Keep gathering more, the third wave of the campaign will be coming soon. More information about the initiative can be found HERE  

The collected quantity of 40 kg was delivered to the campaign’s organizer by our charity angel, Kristina Petkova, Strategic Business Development Manager – a good example of a person who just holds the charity spirit in her heart. This is what she shared with us:

“Being honorable and good person does not cost much and is a matter of personal will! I have an appeal towards everyone to be a good example to our children, our friends and everyone around us, so we start the change for the better. For me, it’s important to be responsible today, so we live better tomorrow! Small things bring higher satisfaction and are the basis of building our large plans. I’m so grateful for your contribution and that’s my greeting with a favorite song:

Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson

I’m gonna make a change, for once I’m my life
It’s gonna feel real good, gonna make a difference
Gonna make it right…I’m starting with the man in the mirror
I’m asking him to change his ways
And no message could have been any clearer
If you want to make the world a better place…


An internship at TBI Bank

In the last two years, TBI Bank has been setting up a team of experienced and inspiring professionals. This led to the creation of a working environment of constant innovation and search for new talents at every level and age. That is why our HR team launched a long-term internship program aimed at people in different stages of their education or even at those considering a career transition.

Elena Georgieva is among the pioneers in the program. Positive and smiling, she was born in Varna, Bulgaria and has lived in England from the age of 9. After completing a Spanish language school in her hometown, she enrolled in an international Business with Chinese-language in Birmingham, a 4-year program that includes a one-year training in China. At the beginning of this summer, she returned from China to start her internship in our marketing department. Her background is fascinating and made us want to know more especially if we are as cool an employer as we think we are.


Eli, tell us how did you start your internship at TBI Bank?

In England, it is very important for students to do internships, it is part of the academic culture. Right from the beginning of the year, I started to think about what to do during the summer, I considered a lot of options. I knew I wanted to have practice in marketing but wasn’t sure in which industry to go. In fact, my aunt helped me a lot initially. After I contacted TBI Bank’s marketing department I was invited to a meeting with Kristina Shtereva. She was very kind and I’m grateful that despite her busy schedule she managed to find the time and allocate me among the team.

Did you learn new things, what are your impressions so far?

To be honest, I was expecting to be making coffee all day. Nothing like this, my internship is quite complete and filled with interesting case studies, projects as part of the teamwork. I became acquainted with the main functions and activities of the department. All the people in the marketing division are just great, I have no words to describe how funny they are, how motivated they are, and although they have so much to do on a daily basis, they always find time to explain and answer my questions.

What’s the most interesting aspect for you at work? Has the internship program at TBI Bank helped you to become more professionally oriented?

I enjoy the creative process, the ability to think strategically. The financial part and budgeting are also important in marketing. I remember my first “WAW” moment at the University was when I went into the marketing lectures. My interest was confirmed when I found myself at TBI Bank, many of the things we study also overlap. And after this internship, I’m sure I want to continue doing something in the field of marketing.

You spent one year in China as part of your university program – how did this place enrich you, have you met any cultural difficulties?

At the beginning, I thought I would experience a great cultural shock, but I found the Chinese are very similar to the Bulgarians. They welcome you the same way as we do in our country, very hospitable nation. In many ways, life is similar to Bulgaria. If you get used to the language, you will have no problems. I really enjoyed living there. My university was in Beijing, education is of a great importance there. I do not think I’ve ever been so stressed academically. But in the end, you feel satisfied. The university is very well settled, located in a huge area, all new students were buying a bicycle to move quickly inside the campus. You can meet people of all ages there. I would recommend it a 100 percent.


Call center’s quotes speak

Our Maintenance team has always been dedicated to make our working conditions better, our Marketing team is full of creativity, our Internal Communication is keen on contributing to our corporate culture, our Call Center young employees love changes… And the result is – refreshed call center Bulgaria (Romania, soon we come).

Motivational quotes by famous people in sports fount their place on the walls, showing our inner energy and strive for better achievements, our culture that makes us who we are, and our passion to be the best in what we do. And, of course, aligned with our refreshed Brand Book.

How do the employees feel about it?

Magdalena Gorolomova, the Head of Call Center, Bulgaria shares “The new quotes have an inspiring and motivational effect over the  team.“

Zornitsa Uzunova, Supervisor Call Center, cheerfully adds that “These made our working space much different and modern, we are impatient  for more changes like this one.”

Ok then, that’s not all, more posters are coming, just watch the space around you.

If you have a favorite quote leading you in your daily work, share it with us HERE


Our football stars

Some ladies recently asked what happens with our Sofia based football team – a year after it has been reestablished for the second time?

Here they are, active and playing for the tournaments of the Banking league. The boys played 16 games, scored 56 goals – among which 4 wins over Euro football (5:1) and SG Expressbank (kicked their …. twice), EFG Eurobank (4:3) and 1 spectacular draw with Raiffeisenbank (6:6).

We must admit we have really attractive colleagues, so no wonder that the individual yearly reward for the Most Spectacular Player went into the hands of the team captain –  Filip Popov, Director Business Banking Bulgaria. You can find out more about the tournament itself HERE  

And you? Are you a football fan? Are you actively playing football in your free time? Are you good at scoring goals? Then write us back, we need some fresh blood :)Become our next football star HERE

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at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.

Write us back

at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.