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Dear colleagues,

Now that the autumn is here, business is coming into its highest season and we’re all hoping for a few more sunny days to enjoy. TBI Inside cannot replace the summer vibes, but here it is to give you some chill minutes.

We are also going to Arbanasi, where on September 24 reps of TBI Bank’s B2C and B2B units attended a workshop with leading strategy consultant John Riker. The name doesn’t ring a bell, does it? Keep reading and you’ll find out why it should if the business is your thing.

We will take you on a ride in Berlin – since we’re offering our deposit solutions in Germany, it was more than clear that our connections there will deepen. Our partners Raisin invited TBI Bank on a conference and our colleagues present met the lights of Starling Bank, Acorns and Raisin’s CEO and co-founder. CIA also got involved and a huge, traditional German kebab (aka döner) was part of the visit. Sounds cool, so read every detail below.

Cybersecurity is getting full speed and TBI Bank is participating for a second year in the information campaign against Cyber Scams. Either spoofed bank, romance scam, phishing, investment scams or personal data theft – everyone can find himself in a situation like this to be informed and know how to react.

So don’t run away for the next couple of minutes, sit back and enjoy some quality time with TBI Inside. Stay tuned!

Internal Communications & Corporate Communications


Workshop with top consultant John Riker

If you’re selling cars, who’d you be targeting? Car-drivers would make sense. According to a W.Chan Kim, a professor at INSEAD, however, this is not a long-term solution for business growth. Why?

Because you’re competing in a field where everyone else is. The key here is to start looking into business niches related to the concept of driving (people who want to move faster), such as cyclists and commuters, rather than customers who already use cars and have brand predispositions. The theory to focus on unexplored industries was developed by Prof. Kim, who worked together with John Riker. To challenge ourselves with some out of the box thinking, we invited John for a workshop in Arbanassi.

A dedicated Lending & Distribution team, led by none other than Gergana Staykova, joined, or rather went through, the session aimed at setting out a deliverable strategy for the year to come. We say ‘went through’, as John, sweet as he may be when he’s not talking business, is a tough cookie when it comes to it.

During the workshop, it was forbidden to use mobiles or any other electronic device that might distract participants (hence the sloppy pictures). Our colleagues were encouraged to face problems instinctively first and then logically. Two groups were identified – B2C and B2B, and they had to approach pre-defined problem statements. All had 75 minutes to unwrap and address a given problem statement – not more, not less. Solid, operational results we sought and by the end of the 3-day workshop, solid, operational results were reached.

In Geri’s words: “Working towards concrete goals can be challenging when you bring in 30 people from different business units. However, when there’s a common goal, namely the successful achievement of our 2019 strategy, business units need to meet and agree on what’s next. The workshop facilitated this get-together and the result was a clear, step-by-step action plan for the upcoming year.”


What happened in Berlin … shared with you

Last month our colleagues Gergana Dimitrova, Georgi Buchevinov and Lukas Tursa paid Berlin a visit for a conference where our partner Raisin brought together leading innovators from the global fintech stage. Want to learn more about today’s digital realities for banks and how our team ended up with the CIA (yes, the CIA)? Read below – Georgi was kind enough to spare some minutes from his extremely busy schedule for us.

TBI Inside: In JFK’s words, for a few days you were “ein Berliner”. Why?

Georgi: We attended the annual partner bank conference organized by our friends at Raisin in order to get first-hand know-how and insights by leading FinTech professionals. We shared te knowledge with more than 50 banks from all over Europe that already are successfully managing their funding streams through Raisin’s deposit marketplace… And, of course, to do some quality networking.

TBI Inside: The guys from Raisin are our partners and friends – did the treat you like this?

Georgi: Well, of course – in addition to the official conference agenda, we enjoyed a very nice office tour where we caught up with the latest startup office set up trends and met some great people part of Raisin’s team that are responsible  for creating one of the hottest German FinTechs… We also reunited with our TBI alumni Momchil and Boyan.

TBI Inside: What made you excited at the conference? Whom did you meet there?

Georgi: Raisin guys threw a fantastic event – we had the amazing opportunity to enjoy insights by world-class innovators in fintech such as Anne Boden, the Founder of Starling Bank – she wanted a picture with Lukas and he said ok, Silicon valley fintech Guru Adam Nash (Product VP at Dropbox & Board Member at Acorns) and many other high-level executives from the financial industry. We also did some informal networking with various banks from all over Europe, discussed today’s realities in the financial industry, it’s current and future developments and the ever increasing customer role in it.

TBI Inside: How is the partnership with Raisin developing?

Georgi: We’ve completed the passportization and onboarding processes successfully – we’re live on the platform and now, based on our funding needs for next year, we’ll be switching the funding button ON in Germany by offering some of the most competitive value propositions on term deposits, as we are currently doing in Bulgaria and Romania.

TBI Inside: Finally – TBI Inside happens to know you celebrated your birthday in Berlin. Did you have fun?

Georgi: I treated myself by visiting Teufelsberg – a popular CIA base during the Cold War (officially presented as a “TV station” back in the day), located on top of an artificial hill built with debris from the Berlin bombings at the end of World War II… Nowadays it is one of the most popular graffiti ‘galleries’ in Europe. And, of course, we enjoyed some time at the world famous Mustafa’s.. where, btw, German Chancellor Merkel was spotted a couple of times enjoying the world’s first and finest Gemuse Kebab (which is actually quite a trend now in Germany, the actual motherland of doener).


When the PR intern met the HR team

Hello, it’s Ana Maria, the intern at the PR department speaking! Just a week before joining TBI Bank, I went to the “Career in Bulgaria. Why not?” job fair. It’s the 11th edition of the event but the very first participation of TBI Bank – and mine as well. The forum’s focus is on “people who have studied abroad” so I wasn’t sure whether my profile fits the frame, since I’m a PR student the Sofia University, but it turns out TBI Bank is looking for talent everywhere.

I decided to go bravely and speak with the people – participants and recruiters. I tried TBI Bank’s booth, but it was too busy the first time…then the second and the third. When I was finally done with all the other booths, I decided to try hitting TBI Bank’s corner for the last time and it worked. A week later, after I officially joined TBI Bank, I found out I actually spoke to a fellow intern from the HR department. She did a great job telling me about the bank’s culture and encouraged me to join the company.

TBI Bank representatives were all around the place. HR was, of course, leading the way, represented by Asen Chomakov, Silviya Petrova and Nevena Zafirkova. Other colleagues were supporting the team – Gabriela Mitrova, Zornitsa Uzunova, Ed Kiriloff, and Denys Torop also stayed at the booth during the day and talking with the potential newbies.

“Career in Bulgaria. Why not?” was how I got introduced to TBI Bank’s culture, before even starting at the company and made me excited about the people working here. It was also a way for me to learn valuable lessons – that persistence helps and you should try again and again until you reach your goals. Btw, I’m on the fifth floor, come and say hi – you’ll easily find me – just follow Lukas’ voice.


TBI Bank joins the NEXT DiFi Finance Forum

What defines this year’s digital lending evolution? The answer is simple: TBI Bank’s online consumer credit available around the clock. And what better place to present this innovative product than NEXT DiFi 2018 – the annual forum for digital finance, fintech and banking innovations.

Nadezhda Kotsinova, our Head of eCommerce Business Development, was amongst the leading presenters at the conference and talked about the transformations in POS financing. The showcased example of our credit product, which will be officially launched very soon, proves how TBI Bank is the engine of innovation in these processes.

“On a global scale, numerous companies are investing more and more in purchasing goods with online credit, Nadezhda said. TBI Bank will be the first financial institution to introduce this in Bulgaria. In fact, we launched the platform a year ago in Romania where our customers can now get a consumer credit entirely online in a matter of minutes. The product’s innovativeness is defined by the high tech video identification and option for electronic signature – both developed by us”.

TBI Bank’s online merchandise credit platform will ensure convenience and facilitate better customer experience through a variety of benefits, including a fully digitalized process, significantly reduced number of application fields, and quick approval. And of course the promise to be the next generation digital lender.


TBI Bank against the cyber scams

Either spoofed bank, romance scam, phishing, investment scams or personal data theft – situations like this happen more and more. That is why 24 national banking associations, banks and many other cybercrime fighters throughout the EU will be raising awareness about this criminal phenomenon.

We at TBI Bank are happy to be supporting the #CyberScams awareness campaign as part of the European Cyber Security Month. Following IOCTA 2018 recommendations, the most effective defense against social engineering is the education of potential victims– who can be any one of us when we go online. Raising awareness among the general public on how to identify such deceiving techniques will keep both themselves and their finances safe online.

The campaign features plenty of video material, here is just one example. You can find all information and all videos on the campaign’s website. And don’t forget to share the videos!


Better, faster, stronger

One of the missions of our Project Management and HR teams is to create better working conditions for TBI Bank employees and make our lives at work easier and more convenient.

Successful digitalization starts from within!

To support the Bank’s digitalization promise with real inside actions, from now on further, four business processes will be performed digitally through our HelpDesk system.

These processes are already running digital in Bulgaria, a dedicated team in Romania is working on implementing them really soon as well.

The opportunity for just a click-away goes to the digital:

  • Request for document translation
  • Request for TBI Bank clothes
  • Request for a stamp
  • Request for a new employee

All you have to do if you want to submit a new request is just giving a click to our HelpDesk system. Better and faster, ah?

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Write us back

at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.