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Dear colleagues,

This time of the year is perfect for a nice read, a cup of tea and a quiet walk in the park. And every time of the year is perfect for implementing new ideas and opening our minds. So let TBI Inside combine both – a nice read full of new ideas.

So how about this for a start: last month TBI Bank shared a stage with the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce and Alibaba at the Innowave Summit in Varna. An impressive company indeed, but an innovative e-commerce lending solution presented at the event has enough strong sides to impress our customers with. In short – we should be proud of the products we offer and realize that even the biggest companies in the world can learn from us.

Apropos, learning – last month we were very happy to welcome our dear colleagues from the office network for the launch of the induction training. The training program will smoothen the process of onboarding and enable our new colleagues to adapt faster to their new workplace. Cool idea indeed, you can read more about its implementation below.

More new ideas you can gain from the very informative and visionary interview our Chief Transformation Officer Geo Galtchin gave for leading IT-publication HiComm. It is full of nice messages but another very strong one was sent during the marathons both in Sofia and in Bucharest. Our colleagues broke personal records, enjoyed themselves and carried the brand with a pinch of healthy self-irony. That is how we run!

Stay tuned!


Internal Communications & Corporate Communications


4finance passes €6 billion online lending milestone

Hot news from 4finance: our mother company announced that it has issued more than €6 billion in online loans since the Group was established in 2008.

This latest milestone is a strong indication of 4finance’s scale and focus on its customers. It demonstrates 4finance’s commitment to responsible lending and the Group’s ability to deliver growth while simultaneously transforming its product mix.

Oyvind Oanes, CEO of 4finance who we also featured recently on TBI Inside issue, commented: “This milestone signals the scale of the opportunity ahead of us. Given our reach and experience, we are uniquely positioned to build a global online/mobile consumer finance business with a focus on the underserved and near-prime segments. We see substantial potential across our markets as we continue to develop our advanced technology and product offering, led by in-depth data analysis. Surpassing €6 billion loans reflects our position as one of Europe’s largest online and mobile consumer lenders and comes at an exciting point in our development.”

Shout out to all who liked/shared/commented on the LinkedIn post. That’s a wink-wink for those who haven’t just yet.


Riding the Innowave

We all know that events by the sea hold something special – beaches and cocktails guarantee quite the vibe. Of course, falling leaves are a mood killer, but this autumn Bulgaria’s ‘sea capital’ Varna offered an interesting twist to our expectations – TBI Bank was one of the major participants at the InnoWave Summit 2018, ‘the best high tech conference in Southeast Europe’. Sure, if Varna offers you a wave – you have to ride it.

TBI Bank was the only bank invited to participate in the event – and we made the most of it. Costas Tovil, our SVP e-commerce, was both a keynote speaker and a panelist at the event and shared a stage with the likes of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, and Alibaba.

Impressive company, that goes without saying, but we too have a few strong sides to impress our customers with. One such instance is our innovative e-commerce lending solution presented by Costas. The platform, soon to be launched on the Bulgarian market, is indeed amazing, and has already proven its value in Romania. It’s 100% paperless and uses cutting-edge technologies like OCR, video KYC or electronic signature. Its success speaks for itself – 150 onboarded merchants within a few months.

“TBI Bank is the first bank to offer a fully digital solution in e-commerce, Costas said to an audience of almost 1.000 people. Our platform is “on” around the clock, blending digital and human components to offer customers and merchants a unique shopping experience. Customers can make online purchases in installments quickly. On the other hand, it helps e-shops to achieve higher conversion rates.”

This is what our next gen digital lending motto is all about – bringing value to both our customers and e-commerce ecosystems in Bulgaria and Romania. Or should we call it a wave of innovation?



Newbies Training

Achieving our goal to become the next generation digital lender won’t be possible without the involvement of each and every one of us. These are the people working at HQ and in branch offices around the country. To introduce the vision for TBI Bank’s future and to welcome on board a group of recently appointed personal bankers, a dedicated team from the HQ developed a training programme. It was conducted for the very first time in mid-October and the topics varied from inside systems and commercial purposes to sales and marketing.

To minimize our colleagues’ absence from work and improve the learning process, the training was split into two parts. First was online content created to introduce them to the nature of the programme and give them basic information, required for them to perform successfully in the future. For this reason, our HR team got access to 4finance’s e-learning platform where an online course was created with uploaded materials, prepared by a team of subject matter experts from the HQ. The second was a 5-day inclass training with specialists from different departments at the Bank. Crudely summarized, on October 15, Monday, Lukas Tursa kicked-off the onboarding programme with an engaging welcoming speech. Till the end of the week, more than 20 people from different business units led different lectures and discussions. The mastermind behind the idea (and main manager) was Nikolay Spasov followed by Viktor Tutekov, Ani Klisarska and Eleonora Stoyanova working on the logistics.

To measure the effectiveness of the work done, a feedback form was created. But for you, TBI Inside readers, we took it further and decided to introduce you to two of the participants.

The first one is Zoya Dasheva. She has been working at the TBI Bank branch on main Sofia street “Graf Ignatiev” (the one on number 41, by “Popa”) for a month now. Her eagerness to improve drove her to the training. Zoya explains that every piece of information she got during the programme was useful and interesting. Although she was a bit tired when we spoke (it was at the end of the fourth day of the training!), she got excited while talking about the confidence she gained due to the guidance and the knowledge she would share when she comes back at her office.

Bogomil is only 20 years old, but he has been working at TBI Bank Krasna Polyana for 2 months now. Much like Zoya, he finds the training quite useful, adding that it felt like a “small teambuilding”. When asked about the schedule, he says “Kudos to the trainers who created a split-second schedule”.

Both Zoya and Bogomil are positive that the newly received knowledge would give them confidence and motivation after their comeback to respective branches after a week at TBI Bank HQ.

Тhanks to the constructive feedback received from the participants and especially from the two Regional Manager “Retail sales” Violeta Rabadjieva and Irina Dimitrova, the content of the course will be improved in order to become even more helpful to the future participants.


Geo Galtchin for HiComm

What makes a business product a lifestyle choice and how TBI Bank is employing this strategy on its path to its digital transformation?

Check out Geo Galtchin’s interview with HiComm magazine to learn more.

You will read about our new mobile app and how it addresses customers’ habits, as well as how about our 3-tiered approach to bringing home innovation.


This is how we run

As the old saying goes, either you run the day or the day runs you. Running has been an integral part of us overcoming difficulties – be that through a fast sweat for a sprint or downright perseverance in case of a marathon. This October TBI Bank showcased both at the annual marathons in Sofia and Bucharest.

Our Funding Team, joined by members of HR, Marketing and Lending, were the faces of TBI Bank, carrying the brand with a pinch of healthy self-irony (see picture). Our team did a fantastic job at the event by proving strong sportsman spirit but not at the expense of enjoying themselves to the fullest.

Concurrently with Sofia, TBI Bank was at the happening in Bucharest. Our brand reps there in the faces of our “Next Gen Runners” (t-shirt slogan) did an enviable job. Besides the fact they had a great time running, for some of them the marathon was an opportunity to break a personal record. (That’s the spirit!)

Both Bucharest and Sofia running camps enjoyed their time at the marathon, as it brought together colleagues who showed you can have fun on the weekend, while giving healthy lifestyle a good try. Thanks, guys! Keep on running and see you next time at the starting line with more enthusiasts!



What is happening near you

From now on TBI Inside will update you on the important industry events in Bulgaria and Romania.

At the end of the day, corporate events are not only for corporate big fishes 😉


Banks & the Business annual conference
Innovations and technology solutions for better efficiency of the sector
TBI Bank sponsorship and speaker Petr Baron
November, 20th, Sofia Hotel Balkan
Registration: 144 BGN incl. 20% VAT
More details

Digital Transformation B2B Connect Forum
Trends and good practices in the digitalization of individual sectors (banks, retail, etc.)
November, 29th, Interpred WCT, Sofia
Registration: early bird 127 BGN
More details


Banking 4.0“ Summit
Top emerging technologies set to disrupt the fintech industry
TBI Bank sponsorship and speaker Kostas Tovil
November, 27th, Novotel Bucharest
Registration: 135-169 EUR
More details

Bizz Days
Business festival with the most important Romanian business market voices talking about entrepreneurship, innovation, management, media&marketing, and CSR.
TBI Bank sponsorship and speaker Olga Gulkova about Innovation
November, 12-16th, Arcub Gabroveni, Bucharest
Registration: 120 RON + VAT
More details

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Write us back

at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.