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Dear colleagues,

Believe it or not, this is the last TBI Inside for the year and believe it or not, the nicest holidays are just around the corner. This time of the year is the moment to gather strength and ideas for the next one – but also a great time to review what happened.

So what did we at TBI Bank achieve in 2018? No better person to tell than Petr Baron. It is already becoming a tradition to have him as a guest editor at the end of the year and go through the successes and lessons learned in the expiring year.

Speaking of success – our very own Niki Spasov was has been acknowledged as one of the top IT managers in Bulgaria. A great moment for him, but also for the whole TBI Bank team in Bulgaria and Romania.

The values in our organization are built by good people with noble hearts. This winter we’ve proven this once again by helping the kids at the “Prof. D-r Decho Denev” Secondary school and kindergarten. This is a special school for children with hearing problems we’ve been supporting on different occasions over the last year. Really glad to share with you the joy in the kids’ eyes with you below.

This said we wish you and your loved ones all much joy in the eyes for the upcoming holidays and in 2019! Thanks for staying with us, for all your support, recommendations, and eagerness to develop and ever learning and curious organization. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!


Internal & Corporate Communications

Guest Editor’s Corner

Holiday Greetings from Petr Baron

Dear Colleagues,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all. I hope you celebrate the start of the upcoming 2019 in good spirits with family and friends. But before we usher into the new, let’s have a look back at the successes we have achieved during the previous year.

The past 2018 has been quite the year for all of us at TBI Bank. We’ve had a lot of positive developments in many directions: Attracting new talent, developing a stronger execution culture, boosting all business lines and improving our working conditions. The past year marked quintessential milestones that cemented TBI Bank as a future-focused institution with the clear intention of delivering on its promises. Our business ecosystem is changing rapidly and 2018 proved we’re up to the challenge. As a company, I’m confident we are in the right direction: We put our sweat and tears into developing products and services that see the customer at the center of our business universe. And that’s the lifeblood of what we do! That’s the future of open banking and we’re getting there with each day past. Challenges lie ahead and 2018 serves to prove that the only way to face them is by owning them (pun intended).

I’d like to thank each and every TBI Bank colleague for their hard work and unceasing hunger for improvement. As you may know, this November we reached 90 000 loan applications – an outstanding record that would have been impossible without the combined efforts of all units within the TBI family. The snowball effect brought about by our aspiration for advancement took us beyond known borders, literally. Midway through the year, we announced our operations launch in Germany, while in November we finalised the deal to acquire a stake in the Norwegian Monobank.

Another brand achievement in 2018 was the refreshed TBI Bank logo, which demonstrated our readiness to adhere to positive innovation in all its conceptions. Next year we will start a phased roll-out of our new branch office design while continuing the expansion in the digital space, whose centerpiece will be the launch of the first TBI Bank app. The reason for these successes comes from within – each and every one of you, that is. Throughout the year we all improved our skillset. In the upcoming year, we will continue to focus on trainings to ensure we are ready to face whatever the future has got in store for us.

Our customer-centric approach drove us to create products and services that are unparalleled on the markets we operate in. What must continue making us different is that we should remain on our customers’ and partners’ side throughout their financial journey. It should be part of our DNA. One might ask, have we succeeded in all our attempts? Of course not. If we have, that means we failed to set the bar high enough. The only way to know your limits is to push yourself into the unknown.

Here’s to another year full of experiences, surprises and good luck. May 2019 bring you good fortune and health. Enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.

Petr Baron


Niki Spasov recognized among Bulgaria’s top IT managers

We at TBI Bank are excited that our COO Nikolay Spasov has been acknowledged as one of the top IT managers in Bulgaria. Yes, this is a personal award but it goes without saying that it’s a recognition for us all – the hard work and dedication we put every day. And, especially, in that specific case, for Niki’s team who help him be the inspiring leader that he is.

Since we are the most efficient and profitable bank in Bulgaria (Capital K10, 2018), it’s only natural that Niki was recognized in the “Efficiency” category. This way he is becoming a part of the elite club of the best professionals in his field. The IT Manager of the Year Awards is a contest initiated by CIO Bulgaria Magazine and the Club of CIOs in Bulgaria, awarding significant achievements in the sphere of management and development of information technologies.

“Mr. Nikolay Spasov demonstrates and develops exceptional skills in his line of work, therefore he receives the recognition of his IT managers’ colleagues”, the organizers said. The “Efficiency” category awards managers with a proven track record of boosting the trust and advancement of information technologies.

The concrete project for Niki’s nomination is the integration of Oracle’s RepExpress system for reporting to the Bulgarian National Bank in the hybrid private cloud. The integration between the Bank’s database center and Oracle’s cloud provides secure processing, storing and report generation using all available data from the entire range of IT systems and applications of the Bank.

“Our partnership with Oracle is not only an excellent example of the integration of high tech solutions in the finance sector – Nikolay Spasov says – but yet another step of TBI Bank becoming a next generation digital lender”. And also an efficient one – like our COO!

Congrats, Niki!


In good causes, we believe!

Finding the time to show a human face and giving back to society – especially to people in need – is a true sign of a strong developed culture within a company. And we at TBI Bank are glad to share a bit of our hearts with the children from “Prof. D-r Decho Denev” Secondary school and kindergarten.

This is a special school for children with hearing difficulties. Making their days happier has been our goal for more than a year now. We have supported the school with goods and the kids there with toys for Christmas in 2017 and June 1st – Kids Day in 2018. But this time we decided to help on a more sustainable level. For the needs of the school and the comfort of the children, TBI Bank purchased carpets and lockers.

The special school and kindergarden for children with hearing difficulties “Prof. Dr. Decho Denev is the first and largest school not only in Bulgaria but also in the entire Balkan peninsula, with currently 596 children enrolled from Sofia and the whole country with hearing impairment. The school is recognized internationally for its rich traditions in educating hearing impaired children with multiple disabilities.

The smiles on the kids’ faces are priceless for us. We believe in the good causes and strive to breathe life into our values every day! Special thanks to everyone who took part in this very special project for all of us!



Christmas parties Sofia and Bucharest – projects completed ✓

It’s a pity if you weren’t there – but you must have heard stories about TBI Bank’s Christmas parties in Sofia and Bucharest. Why? Because they were epic!

The past weeks have been really tough workwise, so our teams needed to let it loose for the last time before the upcoming holidays and what better occasion than the corporate Christmas party? We danced, we drank, we sang in (at least) four languages, we shone (since the theme was Neon lights, it was difficult not to!) and some of us even received gifts from this year’s lottery. In Sofia we even had partners in crime – our colleagues from 4finance’s Vivus joined us for the party. Cool stuff – new faces are always nice and they say the more, the merrier.

The events in Sofia and Bucharest are only the first of a series of regional events both in Romania and Bulgaria. We are waiting for YOUR PHOTOS & STORIES! Meanwhile, here you can see how we did it in Sofia and our colleagues present at the parties can start remembering.


TBI Bank at UAFIN.TECH Conference

Our very own Olga Gulkova, SVP Lean and Innovation, participated at the UAFIN.TECH Conference – the first international fintech event in Ukraine.

The event took place in Kiev and brought together ambitious banking community officials, who discussed the best solutions and practices on the market.

TBI Bank shared the stage with Chris Skinner and our colleagues from Revolut and Transferwise, to name a few. Possessing over 16 years’ experience in the sector, Olga shared her thoughts on and experience with the ongoing transformation in the banking systems.

We’re looking forward to next year’s edition – and pretty sure the audience can‘t wait to hear about our next products.


The last career fair for the year

On 28 November the HR team attended their last career forum for 2018. Career Days Sofia was the fifth event of its kind for TBI Bank for this year. We went to check it out and came back with pictures and a story for you, guys. Luckily, we caught the team in one of their very few free moments and we had the opportunity to not only watch them on the go, but to also talk with them.

Our representatives this time were Silvia Petrova and Asen Chomakov from the HR team, supported by Zornitsa Uzunova – Supervisor at the call center, Yosif Madolev (Collection Strategy Manager ), Diyana Bogdanova (Head of Monitoring and Recovery ) and Atanas Atanasov and Georgi Vasilev (both of them Regional Managers). The accent of our booth was a presentation with career stories from some of our colleagues.

We were curious to spend a day at the career fair – but had to ask what the expected results are for the Bank. Silvia shared her vision:

“For a long time now career fairs have been a place not only to fill in current vacant positions but are somewhere you can discuss TBI Bank’s culture, vision and projects”, she said. I’ve conducted many interviews where the candidates have told me they remember me from some forum. It’s a place where we position the Bank as an employer.”

Silvia and Asen met a lot of talented students and recent graduates who were interested in an internship at TBI Bank and even full-time positions. Who knows, maybe in short time we would have a story about another new joiner who met us at some of the forums we attended?


Banking 4.0 in Bucharest

How is does it feel to have the guts to tell the competition that your customers dropped from the video identification process when you’ve just announced you were the first one to launch this market innovation?

This is proof of confidence and trust in what you do, as well as a moment to look back with dignity and see that you have educated customers through sustained effort.

Laura Vizir, our Head of Retail Online Lending Product Development, presented with acuity the good and the bad of the e-commerce platform that is celebrating its one-year birthday in December.

It was all made possible with the help of fintech companies that are working alongside TBI Bank. “Banks can help fintechs. There is no direct competition. It’s a matter of coexistence,” said Kostas Tovil, SVP e-commerce, at a panel on the topic of “Fintech – the new bank version 4.0”.

In this banking ecosystem, there are a lot of players such as regulators, banks, fintechs that need to get along in order to convey trust, safety, comfort, and quality to customers.

Talking about the digitalization of the banking system and the solutions offered by the fintechs, “there is the need for digitalization of the state institutions. All of us that are in the onboarding business are currently struggling. It is important for the state to create a digital agenda in order for us all to do business much easier, as this will help customers, as well” said Kostas Tovil.

This was the first edition of Banking 4.0 – a marathon event with more than 200 specialists present, 11-hour event and quality content.

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at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.

Write us back

at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting summer stories, or just let us know how you prefer your mojito cocktail.