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Dear colleagues,

Looking at the projects we’ve recently launched – some of them featured in this edition of TBI Inside – we have to admit that they are pretty cool.

Let’s start with the one that our colleagues from the Office Network can benefit from an e-learning platform designed for them. Speaking of learning – on a strategic level we’ve teamed up with some of the coolest guys around. After building and selling the most successful Bulgarian startup, the founders of Telerik decided to focus on education and launched Telerik Academy aimed at training young IT talent. We’re proud that TBI Bank has become a partner of the academy and we’ll have exclusive right to secure the best talent from their courses.

Last but not least: Our corporate LinkedIn account and your participation in it. Below you’ll find more on how to update the information on your employer and how we all can use the platform to make these cool projects more visible. Wait, what? You don’t have a LinkedIn account, haven’t linked it to TBI Bank yet or don’t follow your employer? What are you waiting for, guys?!

Enjoy the read!


Internal & Corporate Communications


FunDing Talks and the value of well-structured business data

Where can you find the Chairman of our Board, the CEO of TBIF, and our CFO all in one place? A Board Meeting, you would say. Yes, sure, but they all turned up at the latest edition of FunDing Talks (you only reach that stage if you are constantly open to new information and willing to learn, wink wink). The speaker this time was Zoran Arsovski, a Digital Marketing professional with over 10 years of experience working closely with our Marketing team – and the Funding space turned out too small to accommodate all the colleagues willing to attend.

Zoran shared knowledge on how to analyze customer behavior combining marketing data from all accessible tools and analytic platforms (Google Analytics 360 Suite, Google Adds, Firebase, YouTube, Facebook, CRM). What this means for TBI Bank is that all this data will help us increase the conversion rates and personalize customers’ journey. In short – to have more satisfied customers in the digital world.

Zoran helps us implement the knowledge he shared. Together with the Marketing team, Zoran is helping TBI Bank build infrastructure and put all data into one system. As a result, so far we already have successfully integrated the data coming from advertising tools, online platforms, and channels. The next step will be to link all business data to have a complete picture of the customer journey.

“Different companies have different target audiences, ranging from millennials to pensioners as is the case with TBI Bank – Zoran said. Unified data enables us to finally put all customers at the center by creating personal, meaningful, and relevant relationships wherever they are, on any device and at just the right time”.

Watch one of the highlights from Zoran presentation HERE


TBI Bank partners with Telerik Academy

TBI Bank and Telerik Academy announced a partnership that will support the professional certification and career start of IT talent in the country. The collaboration includes the practical training of junior IT specialists from the leading educational organization, as well as career opportunities with TBI Bank.

Аs part of the partnership, in the coming months, professionals who have passed the 6-month Telerik Academy Alpha Technology Development Program will be among the first to be considered for inclusion in the Bank’s IT infrastructure. The collaboration will shorten the distance between TBI Bank and qualified IT staff and will provide direct access to the finite sector.

“The Bank’s strategic goal is to strengthen our position as a next generation digital lender. To achieve this, we need well-trained IT specialists who have both the theoretical knowledge and practical readiness to work on challenging projects in the fintech and banking fields. We value our cooperation with Telerik Academy as it prepares experts with a strong focus on technological skills and personal qualities,” said Nikolay Spasov, Chief Operating Officer of TBI Bank.

“More and more companies from different industries and fields become tech-bound. As a result, the hunger for qualified IT experts on the labor market is growing. We are delighted to see in TBI Bank a partner who invests in the development of junior technological talent and provides the opportunity for professional realization in the dynamic fintech sector”, said Alexandra Mechkova, Chief Executive Officer of Telerik Academy.


NextGen Learning Space

A joint project between the HR team (represented by Viktor Tutekov) and the Customer Relations, Business Analytics & Training Department (represented by Ani Klisarska and Eleonora Stoyanova) resulted in laying the foundations of TBI Bank’s NextGen Learning Space. More than 600 of our colleagues already have access to it and can gain new knowledge all the time on a device of their choice.

Using 4finance’s e-learning platform environment, starting at the beginning of 2019, TBI Bank launched four online courses:

  • Induction training for the Office Network. By this course, all Personal bankers, Supervisors and Regional Managers already got permanent access from every electronic device to training materials, prepared by a team of subject matter experts from the HQ, related to their day-to-day activities.
  • AML/ KYC course & mandatory annual test, prepared by the Compliance department. It is applicable for the employees from the units/departments that have direct contact with external individual customers.
  • Identification and Verification of Legal Entities Customers course & mandatory test, prepared by the Compliance department. Applicable for units/departments that have direct contact with external SME customers.
  • Online training & mandatory test for Insurance Products Distribution Directive (IDD). Access to the course got 578 employees, engaged with selling the insurance products of our partner UNIQA.
“This e-learning platform allows us to administer courses and mandatory tests for a large group of employees, for literally no financial cost, while at the same time giving employees the opportunity to take courses at their own pace, at any time, from their desktop, tablet or mobile phone”,
said Viktor Tutekov, People & Organizational Development Manager.

Viktor also said that even more is yet to come soon. Congratulations to the team involved.


Our ski masters will be …

A few months back we challenged you to represent TBI Bank at the annual Banking ski fest at the end of March in Borovets. It is a special competition for us since in 2018 our very own Evgenia Dimitrova-Gontcheva was one of the winners and has shown our competitors what we’re made of.

This year the call was open once again to all TBI employees both Bulgaria and Romania, covering certain listed criteria. To apply for participation, besides being a skiing master, you should have worked for us more than 6 months and have the approval and recommendation from your manager. The dedicated Selection Committee had a hard time deciding on the colleagues who will get full logistics coverage for the contest and since we had so many strong candidates, it was decided to increase the number of TBI Bank participants. We are happy to announce the 4 ski masters:

Evgenia Dimitrova-Gontcheva (Payments Team)

Sirin Dobreva (Senior expert Management Reporting and Financial Analysis)

Dobrin Dobrev (Information Security Team)

Lukas Tursa (SVP, Head of Funding)

It’s an honor that you will represent TBI Bank and give your best to boost our image as a cool bank where active lifestyle matters and being number one is part of our DNA! Get ready, and let’s show the rest what it is to be №1 on the ski track as well!


Our updated LinkedIn account

Recently we’ve updated our LinkedIn page in Bulgaria. Some of you may have noticed that our the name has been changed from TBI Bank Bulgaria to TBI Bank. This was done to ensure that we have an overarching channel of communication on LinkedIn where can we post content related to both the local market and our international brand.

As LinkedIn doesn’t automatically change minor name changes in our job titles, we kindly ask you to change yours manually. This can be done when you open your personal LinkedIn profile and choose the edit button next to your current position (it’s a ‘pen’ symbol on the far right), and then re-enter TBI Bank as your employer in the new window that will appear on your screen. Simple as that.

Same goes for our TBI Bank colleagues in Romania – since we plan to mid-term switch all our communications efforts from the joint account, please update your employer from TBI Bank Romania to TBI Bank (same procedure as above).

Please refer to suggested screenshots if you’re more of a visual person (yes, we are the design masters!).

Needless to say we’d love you to spread the word on our achievements. Likes and shares on the current news and updates are more than welcome. We’re proud of what we do, right? Let’s make sure the world sees it too.

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at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting stories, or just let us know what you’d like to hear from us.

Write us back

at and become our next edition’s editor, tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting stories, or just let us know what you’d like to hear from us.