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Dear colleagues,

Being №1 in everything we do is one hell of a challenge but we surely are up to it. In fact, the last few weeks have been a real proof that together we can achieve this.

The amazing recognition for our Payment and IT team on their Payment Hub, which was announced as IT Project of the year just a few days ago, is a clear example of our drive and attitude. It shows what we’re capable of and how we’re challenging the traditional banking in our work day in, day out. Congratulation, guys.

We’ve hosted a big off-site meeting of our colleagues from 4finance and they were all thrilled by our hospitality and the beautiful Bulgaria. The meeting gave the platform for the presentation of the updated Strategic view (well, that’s 2.0, but the new version is top notch so we give it a number 1 spot). It also marked our record high reach of a single LinkedIn post.

Earlier this month as a first bank we’ve launched a Monthly Wrap-Up of our activities. It’s a different, cool and transparent way of communicating with our audiences. That’s plenty of things to be proud of, so spread the word.

Enjoy the read!


Internal & Corporate Communications


TBI Bank receives IT project of the Year award

At TBI Bank we embrace innovation and are committed to providing our customers and partners with quick services at the highest quality. It sounds like a cliché – the same goes to our ability to think globally and be adaptive to the IT challenges of the new fintech world. But sometimes the clichés are real, and sometimes we turn them into stardust.

This was the case when TBI Bank was awarded the IT project of the Year in banking for the Payment Hub – an automated system for payments. We’ve developed it for the companies in our group – 4finance’s business in Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Spain. Winning this significant award in banking in a tough competition with some of the major players on the market was a blast – and a huge recognition for our Payments and IT teams and their global mindset.

Needless to say how happy and proud we at TBI Bank are with this achievement and the recognition of our work – both within the 4finance Group and in the fintech society in Bulgaria. Keep up the good hard work, dear nerds from IT, we’ve told you it pays off.


Dancing with 4finance

Being part of a big international group – in our case, the global leader in digital consumer lender 4finance gives us a lot of opportunities to grow together and learn from each other’s experience. Every quarter 4finance’s leaders from all over the world gather to discuss the latest developments in the business and we’re happy that the latest off-site meeting took place in Sofia.

It was an eventful week with plenty of internal meetings – and many informal get-togethers. A true highlight was the official dinner at the Bulgarian National History Museum in Boyana. Our guests had a blast – they’ve enjoyed great traditional food, music, and dances (thanks to our very own Elena Kokorska, who sang so wonderfully), took a look at the famous Panagyurishte gold treasure and eventually didn’t want to leave.

Some of our guests also extended their stay and went for a skiing weekend in Borovets. 4finance’s feedback on the organization was truly amazing. A big thank you to the team behind the off-site meeting, we made a huge impression and a memorable event.


The updated Strategic View is here

We’re sure that most of you have seen the Strategic View presentation, our management’s vision for the development of TBI Bank – short, mid, and long-term. It’s been around for 2 years now and in that time some plans did happen, some mistakes were made and many lessons were learned. In short – the strategy had to be adjusted slightly. In the last couple of months, our management worked on an updated Strategic View, a 2.0 version if we have to use the modern digital language.

The new version was presented first at the TBI Bank Day during 4finance’s off-site meeting in Sofia. But it doesn’t have to stay exclusive, so dear colleagues, take a look at the presentation HERE online or  HERE – as the Strategic View 2.0 is our path for the future, we should all be aware with it and know it by heart even when woken up in the middle of the night (ok, kidding about the last one).


Our brand new Monthly Wrap-up

Corporate Communications has recently launched our Monthly Wrap-Up. It is a new, different format of summarizing TBI Bank’s major monthly developments and future plans in more human and simple language. At the end of the day, we want to be different than the others and more transparent. It’s been a tough journey to reach a final vision of it but we’re pretty happy with the result. So we’d like to share it with you and would love it if you to share it with your teams and with the world using social media (especially LinkedIn – you know we love it).

That’s one thing – the other is your contribution now and in the future. Please share your feedback with us on this first and pilot edition. Also, share your teams’ achievements – we’re always open to hearing how you are making the financial lives of our customers better.


Funding Talks with Krisi and Viko

We are all familiar with the changes that have been introduced in the internal branding and the complete rebranding of some of our branches in Sofia.

That’s worth a Funding Talk, right?

So we invited our marketing gurus Krisi and Viko, both deeply involved in the project, to tell us how the refreshed outlook of the branches and HQ is going to improve employees’ and customers’ experience, and what is coming in the near future.

You were too busy working or didn’t register early enough for the talk – fair enough, HERE you can watch the presentations and download them as well. It’s a digital world and knowledge is always around the corner.


Responsibility: TBI Bank donates laptops and a robot to an education NGO

Children’s development is a priority for every future-oriented business. At TBI Bank, we share this value and recently decided to give away several laptops and a robot to the students from “Programmer’s Club” in Veliko Tarnovo, where students will have the chance to showcase what they’ve learned.

The Club’s goal is to educate children from grade 5 onwards, who have a particular interest in IT, robotics, physics and natural sciences in general. The Club is distinguished from other similar schools not only because of the small learning groups but also due to its holistic approach to education. Students study theory, just as much as they put it to practice, which in turn improves their understanding of technical applicability.

“We’re happy we supported a project in favor of children with a defined proclivity for tech. The willingness to learn should be encouraged, and I’m hopeful our paths with the students from the Club will meet again, as topics they’re now studying are the basis of modern banking – Internet of Things and robotics, for example”, said Nikolay Spasov, Chief Operating Officer.


To win over 2 million customers by making money more approachable

Boost your knowledge about a company from which we all can learn – their mission is to educate consumers on financial issues while providing the tools and solutions they need to effectively manage these issues. They are financial wellness platform that uses technology (their app and web platform) to transform how consumers think about money.

Read more in the article itself HERE

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at and tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting stories, or just let us know what you’d like to hear from us. Have you read an interesting FinTech article? Share it with others. We’d like to hear from you! 🙂

Write us back

at and tell us more about your team’s success, share some interesting stories, or just let us know what you’d like to hear from us. Have you read an interesting FinTech article? Share it with others. We’d like to hear from you! 🙂